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How to stop Banjo’s Side B “Wonder Wing” in Smash Ultimate

Published: 9/Sep/2019 23:02 Updated: 9/Sep/2019 23:30

by Eli Becht


Banjo-Kazooie is now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and their Side B move Wonder Wing is extremely powerful, which has left players stumped on how to counter it.

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With somebody as iconic as Banjo, it was important to give him at least a couple of powerful moves in Smash Ultimate, and it’s safe to say Sakurai and the team have delivered.

Banjo’s Side B Wonder Wing is among the most powerful attacks in the entire game but that doesn’t mean you have to just take the punishment each time.

Super Smash Bros. UltimateBanjo’s Wonder Wing is a force of a nature in Smash.
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What makes this move so powerful is that it takes priority over other attacks, meaning Banjo will cancel out his opponent’s move while delivering a ton of damage on his own.


It turns out that there’s a rather simple way to defend against this and it’s to grab Banjo as he’s charging at you.

In a video uploaded by YEET Smash, we see how powerful the move is but finally get how to counter it at the 3:38 mark.

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It might take a while to get the perfect timing down but as you can see from the video, this will completely shut down Banjo’s charge. If you mistime the grab, you’ll be sent flying. The other option is to simply block as Banjo rushes past you, leaving himself wide open to attack. It’s important to remember that Banjo only has five charges of Wonder Wing before any additional uses send him tripping to the ground instead. 


Will it stop Banjo’s from charging at you all the time? Probably not but now you know how to fight back.

NintendoBanjo-Kazooie have arrived and they are quite strong.
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It’ll still be a long time before players are able to truly master Banjo since he’s still so new but he’s already proven to be a force in even casual hands.

Looking ahead, there are even more fighters to look forward to, beginning next with Terry Bogard.

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In the September Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that even more fighters are on the way following the conclusion of this DLC cycle.

The future is very bright for Smash Ultimate and now is just as good of a time as any for new players to jump in.