Banjo-Kazooie added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Moveset, tricks, more


After the September 4 Nintendo Direct, Smash’s creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed the move set for Banjo-Kazooie and thanked Microsoft for letting the duo appear in the game.

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Sakurai said that Nintendo used a lot of actions that Banjo used in the original game. For example, the jump is based on their abilities such as Flap Flip and Feathery Flap. (Timestamp 4:05 for mobile users)

The neutral attack, claw swipe is similar to the one used in the N64 title, but they’ve built upon the animation. (Timestamp 4:10 for mobile users)

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The duo’s dash attack is a roll, similar to the one Donkey Kong uses and their down tilt is “Beak Barge” – a downward peck from Kazooie. (Timestamp 4:27 for mobile users)

The Up-Smash, Bill Drill is a consecutive attack that sends opponents flying into the air. (Timestamp 4:37 for mobile users)

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The side-smash, called Breegull Bash, is a slower-paced heavy attack where Banjo will literally hit an opponent over the head with Kazooie. (Timestamp 4:47 for mobile users)

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Of note, the back-air, Air Rat-a-tat Rap hits three times making it a pretty unique move. (Timestamp 5:13 for mobile users)

NintendoEgg Firing can be used as a rapid fire attack.
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The down-air Beak Buster looks like it has spike potential and appears similar to Link’s down-air, but with Kazooie acting in place of a sword. (Timestamp 5:17 for mobile users)

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“As you can see, even their regular attacks are based on attacks from their original games,” Sakurai said.

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Banjo’s neutral special, Egg Firing will launch an egg at an opponent. Holding down the B button will allow for some rapid auto fire, but the power of the eggs will decrease.
(Timestamp 5:48 for mobile users)

Side special, Wonder Wing is an invincible charging attack and will win out against other moves, but you can only use the move five times in one stock. It has multiple uses though, such as using it for a recovery. (Timestamp 6:25 for mobile users)

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NintendoWonder Wing can be used as a good recovery option.

 Up-special is called Shock Spring Jump and creates a spring under Banjo launching him into the air. Just like Sonic’s up-air, in which the spring can be used to edge guard an opponent trying to recover. It’s also unique in that Banjo can use his neutral jump afterwards. (Timestamp 7:36 for mobile users)

The height of the jump will change depending on how long the player holds the button down.

Down special meanwhile launches a grenade egg at a target but can only be used from behind. But opponents can grab it and use it against Banjo, just like Diddy Kong’s banana peel or other Rob’s Gyro. (Timestamp 8:27 for mobile users)

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NintendoBanjo’s final smash is The Mighty Jinjonator.

Finally, Banjo’s final smash, The Mighty Jinjonator is the same move that delivered the killing blow to antagonist Gruntilda in the original game. (Timestamp 9:29 for mobile users)

The full list of moves shown in the video is below.

  • Neutral A: Claw Swipe
  • Flurry Attack: Rat-a-tat Rap
  • Dash: Forward Roll
  • Down Tilt: Beak Barge
  • Up Smash: Bill Drill
  • Forward Smash: Breegull Bash
  • Neutral Air: Wing Whack
  • Back Air: Air Rat-a-tat Rap
  • Down Air: Beak Buster
  • Neutral B: Egg Firing
  • Side B: Wonder Wing
  • Up B: Shock Spring Jump
  • Down B: Rear Egg
  • Final Smash: Mighty Jinjonator

Smash players itching to get their hands on Banjo can do so right now.

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