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When will PUBG fix the broken air drops? Devs respond

Published: 25/Jun/2019 12:19

by Connor Bennett


PUBG Corp has confirmed when a fix will be released for the annoying problem of having mid-game Air Drops land outside of the map. 

Fortnite, but that hasn’t stopped developers PUBG Corp from regularly updating the game and maintaining contact with their player base. 

While new content seemingly remains a high priority, the game is still littered with bug and errors that can have a major impact on games. One, in particular, the landing locations of Air Drops, is still a problem but is one that is set to be rectified. 

PUBG CorpPlayers have found that some drops will land out of the map.

In a post to the game’s subreddit, user MyszSoda, pointed out that an Air Drop had landed outside of the map during a recent match on Miramar and was, obviously, unobtainable to any player in-game. 


It didn’t take long for one of the game’s team to turn around and say just when there would be a fix coming for the strange issue. Hawkinz, the PUBG community manager, responded: “Unfortunately, the fix won’t be making it into Update #30 but will be fixed in the update after and be resolved on all maps.”

When will PUBG Update #31 release?

Prior to the post being made, PUBG Update #30 had already been sent out to the game’s test servers for players to get their hands on with the new changes scheduled to go live on June 25.

While in the test server, PUBG Corp can – and have – made changes prior to content getting a full in-game release, but that won’t be the case with #30. Instead, players can look forward to getting their hands on a new weapon – the Desert Eagle – as well as the new BRDM-2  amphibious vehicle which, somewhat ironically, can only be found through the Flare Gun airdrop. 


A date for Update #31 has not been confirmed but if PUBG Corp sticks to their somewhat monthly update schedule, players can expect a fix in late July.