Twitch streamer receives crazy message from PUBG stream sniper after ban

Brent Koepp
Twitch: sprEEEzy / PUBG Corporation

A Twitch streamer was left in tears of laughter when a PUBG stream sniper swore future attacks in his DMs after being banned for trying to ruin his broadcast.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds helped kick off the battle royale craze in 2017, and became riveting entertainment for viewers on Twitch.

However, streaming personality ‘sprEEEzy’ was left in hysterics when a stream sniper sent him a threatening message after being banned for trying to sabotage his match.

PUBG CorporationThe groundbreaking battle royale kicked off the genre’s popularity in 2017.

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Banned PUBG streamer sniper gets mad

The streamer was in the middle of a broadcast when he decided to show his audience a message he had received from the stream sniper who had been trying to ruin his games.

“My favorite type of DMs. Oh, let’s open it up,” he said before he began to read the messages aloud. “Yo e-beggar [username] here. You think I care if I get banned? PUBG is 10 euros, I ain’t begging people to buy thin air to get monthly wages.”

SprEEzy continued to read the messages, and laughed as he went. “So as many times I get banned, that many accounts I’ll buy, and ruin your game.” The sniper ended their threat by stating a simple “cheers love,” which caused the personality to break into laughter, before he exclaimed, “Keep it up man! You’re doing well!”

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The stream sniper had been harassing sprEEEzy for several matches during the broadcast, although according to the Twitch personality, he wasn’t doing a very good job at it.

A hilarious moment came earlier in the stream when the troll drove up to him in a car and hopped out to snipe him. However ,after whiffing all of their shots, their car actually rolled to the streamer and instead helped him out.

“Haha, he saved me! Oh my God. That’s incredible! I’ve never seen this happen in my life. INCREDIBLE! I’m like I’m dead, the blue zone is coming. And then I hear a vehicle rolling. And I’m like dude, is this real life?” he said, laughing at the sniper’s failed attempt.

Despite his games being crashed, the streamer seemed to take the whole thing in his stride, and was laughing at the whole exchange. As of the time of this article, sprEEEzy has over 87,000 followers on his Twitch channel, which sadly means the higher visibility makes him more susceptible to trolls.

In September, PUBG’s mobile version surpassed 1 billion in revenue, making it one of the highest grossing games of all time – a push largely fueled by its popularity in China.