Shroud Gets Revenge on Stream Snipers With Incredible Killing Spree

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek got the ultimate revenge against numerous stream snipers with an insane PUBG killing spree.

As one of the most popular streamers on the planet, shroud encounters more than his fair share of stream snipers; players that watch his stream and try to follow or kill him in any game that he plays.

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Usually he tries to ignore them but during a recent stream he decided to embrace it, saying “let’s have a party” and choosing a small island for all players to land on. There was just one stipulation: no guns allowed.

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An astonishing number of opponents ended up landing with the former CS:GO pro and, predictably, one picked up an S12K semi-automatic shotgun.

That opponent didn’t last long, though, as shroud dropped him with punches before picking up the weapon and going to town on the rest of the stream snipers.

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Shroud went on an incredible 18 kill streak before finally running out of ammunition and being dropped by one of the stream snipers.

While getting some revenge on stream snipers is sure to feel good, dealing with the constant onslaught of them is becoming more of an issue for high profile streamers than ever before.

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One of the only ways to combat them is to impose a stream delay, but most content creators try to avoid doing that as it makes interacting with viewers and their chat significantly more difficult.