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PUBG player tries to stream snipe Shroud and gets banned immediately

Published: 10/Apr/2019 0:05 Updated: 10/Apr/2019 0:07

by Albert Petrosyan


A stream sniper targeted prominent streamer Michael ‘Shroud‘ Grzesiek in a recent PUBG stream, and things did not exactly go as most would expect.

Stream sniping is one of the most tragic aspects of online gaming for many streamers, especially ones that have such a huge following like Shroud, Dr Disrespect, Ninja, Tfue, and many others. 

The reason these streamers get targeted by stream snipers, aside from their massive popularity, is that they all mainly apply their craft in battle royale titles, such as PUBG, which are easy games for these players to infiltrate and try to ruin the gaming experience of others.

Stream sniper targets Shroud and gets banned

Shroud chose to play some PUBG in one of his recent streams, and during an intense match he and his team realized that they were running into players whose names were familiar to them from other matches.

The fact that they were getting stream sniped didn’t really faze Shroud or his squad; what caught them by surprise was when they saw one of the players standing completely still, meaning that he had gotten banned from the game while he was in the act of stream sniping.

“He got banned. That guy got banned!” Shroud said while laughing. “Fucking bitch! That’s what you get! He literally left the last game to get into this game.”

Shroud reacts to stream sniper’s ban

After witnessing the player who was trying to stream snipe his team get banned right before their eyes, Shroud had nothing but complimentary things to say about the PUBG developers.

“That’s cool. It’s nice to see PUBG or any game actually start to care about stream snipers,” he said. “It’s like they’re going back to their old ways, back in PUBG’s prime. I think more devs need to care about that shit.”

Stream sniping problem continues

There has never really been a foolproof counter against stream snipers in online gaming, especially since many are so dedicated to the act of trolling that they continue to evolve past any defense thrown against them. 

As Shroud said, it’s definitely a positive sign to see developers take a hard stance against stream snipers, such as banning them right in the middle of matches, but until a really effective solution is figured out, big streamers will have to continue dealing with the issue.


Blatant PUBG cheater gets banned by a dev live on Twitch

Published: 22/Nov/2020 0:33

by Alan Bernal


A known cheater in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds managed to get hit by the banhammer while he was streaming live on Twitch, creating a wave of cheers among community members.

The Twitch account under question goes by the name of ‘vesprine,’ but the player himself is widely known in PUBG lobbies and online communities for perpetually making new accounts just to use cheats.

“He keeps resurfacing. Same guy over and over. He tries to join Plausible and gets insta-banned,” Reddit user ‘The-Basic-Bro’ said. “He needs a hardware ban at this point. He legitimately cheats non-stop… He has joined looking for squad groups on Reddit and the last two times I have called him out and disgraced him and had him banned.”

While some players want to see more stringent action taken against the player, PUBG Community Manager who goes by ‘Hawkinz’ did his part to stymie the cheater’s effect on the game.

PUBG has come a long way since its launch, but hackers have still been a major problem.

During one of his streams, the player had resurfaced to show off more PUBG gameplay supplemented by the use of in-game hacks.

In the middle of his broadcast, he got a notification in PUBG that read: “Restricted Account – Your session will be terminated due to use of hacks.” Though not much has survived the Twitch account since he was banned, a screengrab by user ‘701dirty’ immortalized Hawkinz’s incredible response as the moment played out.

According to 701Dirty, the ban happened shortly after over a hundred people clipped and reported the streamer while he was playing.

“A few hours later over 100 people clipping and (saying) they got one of his accounts,” 701Dirty wrote. “I saw him have two accounts banned after matches and he tried logging into several already banned accounts… crazy.”

Cheater banned in real time from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

Since its launch, PUBG’s servers have been swarming with hackers that have put a damper on the once-dominant battle royale.

The developers have issued multiple ban waves since the game’s launch in 2017, but are still combating the prevalence of cheaters years later.

Unfortunately, unless more meaningful action against PUBG’s hackers is taken, players like vesprine are going to continue to ruin matches, get banned, then reappear under another name.