PUBG map Erangel update finally confirmed


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds first map, Erangel, is actually getting its long awaited remaster.

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Erangel remaster

PUBG was released in March 2017 and as time has passed, fans of the battle royale game have been increasingly demanding a remaster of Erangel. The iconic first map has remained a fan favorite but time, and subsequent improvements in hardware, has resulted in the map being left behind somewhat.

While a remastered version of the map had been speculation up until now, this exciting news was expected. Officially the PUBG development team are calling it an “update to Erangel” – although it is essentially a remaster.

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PUBG development video

The news of the Erangel update came via PUBG’s latest development video on June 5. The video discussed how the game is going to progress but unquestionably the most exciting news was the update to PUBG’s most famous map.

The Erangel update will be part of PUBG season 4 but players won’t have to wait long to try the update. Further details about season 4 have yet to be released and the start date also remains a mystery.

Comparison images of various locations within Erangel are shown to highlight the differences between the original and the remaster. The difference is staggering with textures receiving a particularly big boost. Building layouts have also changed which are shown with an overview of the prison and one of the common houses littered throughout Erangel.

A previous change to Erangel was proposed where additional compounds would have been added to alter the gameplay. However, this change was quickly shot down by fans and therefore, never materialized.

PUBGThe prison in Erangel gets a significant overhaul…

Play it on the test server

However, TS Jang, PUBG Executive Producer, revealed the update will be playable on the PUBG Steam Test Server this weekend, June 8. No doubt the test server will be extra busy this weekend!

Of course this will only be available on PC with the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game usually receiving updates a couple of months after. Unsurprisingly there is no news of when and if this update will come to console – the game currently struggles to perform the original map at an acceptable frame rate.