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PUBG: How to get Horizon Zero Dawn weapon skins and outfits for PS4

Published: 27/Feb/2019 17:56 Updated: 27/Feb/2019 17:57

by Calum Patterson


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are teaming up with Guerrila Games to bring PS4 players an exclusive set of Horizon Zero Dawn cosmetics, with ‘missions’ required to unlock the items.

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Unlike previous collaborations with Uncharted and The Last of Us, you won’t need to pay any money (the Nathan Drake outfit and Ellie’s backpack were only available with PS4 pre-orders) to get (most) of the new Horizon Zero Dawn gear.

Instead, three of the four items – a top, mask and a pan – each have a mission associated, which you will need to complete in-game. Unfortunately, for the weapon skin, this one will cost you some BP from the store.


Horizon Zero Dawn fans will love the new outfit.
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The first challenge, to unlock the ‘Eclipse’ top, couldn’t be simpler, requiring you to simply log-in to PUBG on PS4 – that’s it.

The Eclipse mask is also pretty straight forward, simply tasking you with playing 10 games within the event period (March 5 – April 5).

For the pan however, you will need to grind out 10 Crossbow kills – not an easy task, even if you’re lucky enough to find a crossbow in the first place. Thankfully, if you kill a downed enemy with a crossbow – it will count as a kill towards this challenge.

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If you want the KAR 98 weapon skin, the “mission” for this is simply spend some BP – 8,000 to be exact, but with three free items, we can’t really complain.


The event begins after the maintenance on March 5, and will end on April 5 at 12:00AM PST / 3:00AM EST / 8:00AM GMT.