PUBG provide detailed update on how they deal with cheaters

Paul Cot

Cheating is an issue that has plagued PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since its release, but the devs have shared detailed anti-cheat measures to finally put a stop to the problem.

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With cheating being a reoccurring theme in PUBG, the team behind the scenes have stepped up efforts in an order to eradicate the issue, at least as much as possible. Cheating has even spilled over into the competitive PUBG scene resulting in bans for high profile players.

PUBG developers are continually looking to innovate when it comes to preventing cheating. The “Report” function is a primary and simple way for the team to gain feedback and implement bans on guilty players.

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However, there needs to be more stringent systems in place to automatically issue bans. Once a particular cheat is identified, code is developed to prevent the cheat from being used and to identify those using it.

An example of this was the well-known ghost flying cars exploit where, as the name suggests, players would be able to make cars fly across the map which would understandably ruin a lot of games. According to the PUBG devs, this cheat is now non-existent, or much reduced from when it was an issue.

PUBGGraph showing how PUBG deal with a particular cheating exploit…
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It isn’t just users of these cheats who are targeted either. PUBG is actively going after those who make and distribute hacking software.

They are even issuing hardware bans on those they deem to be guilty. Usually bans are given on a Steam account but a hardware ban will restrict particular computers from playing the game, irrespective of what account is used. Additionally, PUBG are even getting hackers arrested and fined millions of dollars.

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It’s an ongoing battle between hackers and PUBG, with each trying to one up each other. 

“Cheat developers will always evolve their techniques to try and get around ours,” Anti-cheat Engineering Developer Dongwan Kim said.

An example of this is encrypting pointers and memory in PUBG -adding another puzzle for hackers to solve.

For some reason PUBG has been a game where cheating has thrived, at least in the past. The devs are on a mission to “create a fair game environment in line with PUBG’s “values” and are going the extra mile to make that happen.