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PUBG Announce New “Training Mode” – Firing Range, Race Track, Parachute Practice and More

Published: 22/Aug/2018 18:55

by Calum Patterson


As part of the ongoing ‘FIX PUBG’ campaign, PUBG Corp has announced a new ‘Training Mode’, which will allow players to practice nearly all aspects of the game, from shooting to vaulting.

The ‘first iteration’ of Training Mode will be online, for 5-20 players, set on 2x2km map, with the main attractions being a shooting range, race track and an area for practicing parachute landing.

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They are targeting a September release for Training Mode, and all of the features are subject to change as it is still in development.

Dave Curd, world team lead at PUBG Madison explains what the intention is for this new mode:


New players should be able to understand the basics of navigation, looting, shooting, driving, and parachuting.

Casual players should have fun experimenting in our expansive playground environment- stunt driving, boat racing, and exploring the island to find all its locations.. 

More serious players should enjoy learning about deeper gunplay- how the attachments, scopes, recoil, zeroing, and bullet-drop influence their shots.

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“The PUBG Training Mode lets 5-20 players explore a brand new 2×2 km map and practice all aspects of PUBG, from driving the game’s various vehicles around the island’s race tracks, to practicing parachute landings on scattered targets, to mastering the perfect peek shot. There are even areas to practice vaulting, close-quarters combat, and of course, sweet vehicle jumps.”

Incremental range targets:

  • 800m Range
  • 400m Range
  • Special 1k Range target

Free targets:

  • Standing targets
  • Moving targets (left, right)
  • Targets inside a building (stationary / moving)

Parachute practice area
Throwables range
Melee range
Parkour area
CQC Course
Indoor CQC Range
Vehicle tracks:

  • Long track
  • Racing track
  • Off road
  • Sweet Stunt Ramps

Open water for vehicles:

  • Sweet Water Ramps

Tables of Equipment:

  • Melee weapons
  • Guns
  • Attachments
  • Gear
  • Ammo
  • Throwables

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It is unknown if Training Mode will be available to play offline, or privately with a friend or group of friends.

However, PUBG’s North American community lead Sammie Kang explains that this is only for the first ‘iteration’, hinting private or offline Training Mode may be available at a later date.


Source: PUBG