PUBG creator PLAYERUNKNOWN leaves development team to start “entirely new” project


Brendan Greene, known as “Player Unknown”, has announced he will be heading up the PUBG Special Projects team. The new PUBG team will be based in Amsterdam.

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PUBG Special Projects

In a lengthy Twitter post from his personal account, Greene explained what’s next for him, “Today, I’m excited to announce that my new day-to-day focus will be heading up a new division of PUBG Corp: PUBG Special Projects.”

The new division’s purpose is to focus on research and game development. More specifically he stated, “We are tasked with exploring, experimenting, and creating new technologies, tools, pipelines, and gameplay.”

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While he will remain as a consulting director on PUBG, development will now be lead by Taeseok Jang. Jang was previously the Player Unknown Battlegrounds’ Art Director.

What’s next for PUBG?

Other than the details Greene has given in the Twitter post, his new role and how that will affect PUBG going forward, isn’t clear. He did say that the PUBG development team have some great things planned for this year.

Whether that is an increase in performance, as PUBG fans continue to clamor for, new features or something else entirely, remains to be seen.

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It also isn’t clear how the PUBG Special Projects team will differentiate from the existing development team.

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However, by the words used in the post, it sounds like Greene’s team are tasked with developing new technologies that could be incorporated into PUBG. Conversely, Jang’s development will focus on the existing PUBG architecture.

Reaction to Player Unknown’s announcement

Greene has been criticized in the past for what PUBG fans perceive as his work resulting in buggy and unstable performance. Dr Disrespect was one of the most vocal when it came to Greene’s influence on PUBG.

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Since his announcement though, PUBG fans have been thankful for his work in bringing the battle royale genre to the forefront of gaming.

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Reactions ranged from wishing him luck in his new role to acknowledging the work he has done for battle royale games.