PGI PUBG Global Invitational $2 Million Tournament – Stream, Schedule, Standings and More

The first major international tournament organized by PUBG Corp. is going down in Berlin, Germany, with 20 of the best teams from around the world competing for a massive prize pool.

Held in the Mercedez-Benz arena, the event will be played over five days, July 25 – 29, with a special Charity Showdown also being held on Friday 27, featuring some big name streamers.

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For the professional players, this is one of the largest prize pools they will ever have challenged for, but they will have to take on competition on the global stage.

Teams from Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Japan and Korea will all be descending on Berlin for a shot at the cash prize and to be crowned the first ever PUBG world champions.

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The event will be streamed live on PUBG’s official Twitch channel.

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All teams will play at the same time, in typical PUBG tournament fashion, with a total four matches played per day.

If unfamiliar, there is essentially two separate tournaments, third person and first person.

The first two days of competition will be played in third person mode exclusively, before switching to first person for the final two days, when the champion will be crowned.

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You can find the live tournament standings on the PGI PUBG official website:

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PGI PUBG $2 Million Global Invitational – Live Standings

Broadcast Talent

Prize Pool

The $2 million prize pool will be split evenly between the two tournaments (third person and first person), so this prize pool applies twice, once for each mode.

Place Prize
1st $400,000
2nd $160,000
3rd $100,000
4th $60,000
5th $35,000
6th $35,000
7th $20,000
8th $20,000
9th $10,000
10th $10,000
11th $10,000
12th $10,000
13th $5,000
14th $5,000
15th $5,000
16th $5,000
17th $2,500
18th $2,500
19th $2,500
20th $2,500