KEEMSTAR Set to Launch a $100K Weekly PUBG Tournament

Ross Deason

Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has announced that he is in the process of creating a weekly $100,000 PUBG tournament.

The Drama Alert host made a name for himself as a tournament organizer with his incredibly popular Friday Fortnite events but has now started to branch out into other games.

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In a short Twitter statement, the popular YouTuber said that a $100K weekly event for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds competition is “in the works” and that the deal is close to being finished.

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There is currently no more information about what the PUBG tournaments will consist of, but expect them to follow in the steps of Friday Fortnite, or KEEMSTAR’s $100K Realm Royale tournament, and feature a host of popular content creators.

PUBG is the only real competitor for Fortnite in the world of battle royale games and recently saw a spike in interest thanks to the success of the $2 million PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin.

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Unfortunately for fans of KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite tournaments, miscommunication between the Drama Alert creator and Epic Games appears has brought them to an end for the time being.

Epic Games opted to run their Summer Skirmish events at the same time as KEEMSTAR’s tournaments and the YouTube star also expressed disappointment in their decision to limit his tournaments to just $20,000 a week and then putting $500,000 into their own events.

However, the content creator recently revealed that he is in talks with various companies about bringing Friday Fortnite back, so watch this space.

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