FaZe Clan PUBG player banned on Twitch after alleged hate speech

. Last updated: Jun 09, 2019

FaZe Clan’s PUBG star David ‘Fuzzface’ Tillberg Persson has been banned from Twitch, apparently for hate speech, after becoming embroiled in an explicit war of words with a fellow streamer.

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The FaZe member was casually streaming his gameplay when he eliminated fellow streamer ‘MitsigasTwitchTV’ – who was visibly enraged after being killed by the pro player, screaming in anger.

He quickly searched for Fuzz’s stream after being sent back to the lobby, but was forced to wait 30 minutes after following the channel in order to speak in his chat.

Fuzzface is one of five members on FaZe Clan’s PUBG team.
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Mitsigas was determined to talk trash to the FaZe star though, and waited for the duration of the timeout before returning to send abuse his way.

Fellow PUBG streamer ‘sprEEEzy’ reacted to the clip during his own broadcast and was visibly amused watching the streamer lose his cool.

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The pair traded insults, according to viewers who claim to have witnessed the incident, and Fuzzface allegedly took aim at Greece, Mitsigas’ home country, stating their economy and language was “shitty” and the country was subpar compared to the rest of Europe.


The streams’s VOD is no longer available, with Fuzzface’s channel now banned from the platform as a result of the exchange.

Update: A previous version of this article mistakenly stated that Mitsigas had also been banned from Twitch. However, his official channel is available as of June 9.

The exact reason for the ban has not been revealed, but hateful conduct is considered a breach of Twitch’s community guidelines, which may have landed Fuzzface in hot water.

Fuzzface is yet to comment on the incident which may have got him banned from Twitch.

Will Fuzzface be banned from PEL?

Concerns were raised given Fuzzface’s ban from Twitch surrounding whether the Swede would be able to compete in the PUBG Europe League which is streamed live on the platform.

However, the former Team Kinguin member played in the latest tournament without issue, suggesting his ban from Twitch may end sooner than expected.