Cheating scandal rocks PUBG esports as pros get banned for map hacks - Dexerto

Cheating scandal rocks PUBG esports as pros get banned for map hacks

Published: 22/Dec/2018 23:29 Updated: 23/Dec/2018 19:35

by Vincent Genova


A number of professional PUBG players have been banned for cheating after a new anti-cheat software went live in the game.

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The software apparently targeted players using previously undetectable cheats like map hacking. Unlike obvious aim-bots that can be easily detected or noticed due to increased performance, map hacks are more subtle.

However, PUBG may have figured out how to stop the cheating and is even able to ban players in the middle of a match after getting caught. 

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The map hacks enable players to see enemies on their mini map constantly, giving a huge advantage in the battle royale shooter. Players from Sans Domicile Fixe have had their bans confirmed and admitted to cheating. 


To make matters worse, the SDF roster admitted to cheating in the PUBG Europe League online qualifier, where they made it all the way to the final qualifiers on LAN.

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Fr_Steph of SDF released a statement on the ban, saying they listened to a call out from a teammate who should not have seen an enemy. He claims only two of his teammates were running the hack and they did it without consulting the other members – though the entire team benefited from the radar.


A list of pro players banned is being kept, however it should be noted that a wave of false positives can be triggered whenever a new anti-cheat software is released.


TEXQS from the Pittsburgh Knights may be the biggest name on the list, but the Knights are still investigating the situation to find out what triggered his ban.

“Cheating in any way shape or form not only undermines our team, but esports as a whole. We take this VAC ban regarding our player, TEXQS, very seriously. We fully respect and support PUBG Corp in this investigation. Currently, we are working with them and are awaiting notice of their findings,” said the Knights on Twitter.

The Knights may be using VAC as a general term for anti-cheat, since TEXQS was caught by PUBG, not Valve.