Types of Pokemon across all regions revealed

Over 20 years and seven regions of Pokemon games have resulted in 809 different species of Pokemon. Which type of Pokemon is most the most common though?

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Number of Pokemon

Pokemon came out of nowhere in 1996 with the introduction of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan. It hit the west two years later in the form of Pokemon Red and Blue.

This first generation brought 151 Pokemon, a number which even the most casual of Pokemon fans are aware of. Generation 2 (Pokemon Gold and Silver) brought a further 100 species of Pokemon bringing the total to 251.

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Several consoles, years and generations of Pokemon later and the current total sits at a whopping 809. This number will increase by the end of 2019 with the introduction of generation 8, Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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All current Pokemon types were introduced by generation two – Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal

Types of Pokemon

These Pokemon come in an array of types, with some falling under the category of a dual-type Pokemon.

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There are 18 types in total, of which 15 appeared in the Kanto region. The fairy-type and steel-type is somewhat of an anomaly whereby those types have Pokemon originating in the Kanto region, such as Clefairy, but they weren’t recognized as such as the time.

The dark-type was introduced in generation two and there hasn’t been another added since.

Number of each type by region

One Reddit user, has taken the time to find out which type of Pokemon has appeared most since Pokemon’s inception.

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They have listed just how many Pokemon fall under each type and broken it down by all seven regions.

Reddit: u/mareo27Chart showing all Pokemon types broken down by region… (Dual-types accounted for)

Some eagle-eyed Pokemon fans will query why there are 1,397 Pokemon listed. This is because the above chart accounts for dual types whereby they will count for each category. For example, Bulbasaur will appear under both grass and poison.

Over the seven generations, the water-type is the most common. This won’t surprise Pokemon fans but what might is that poison is actually the most common in generation one. This is due to multiple dual-types however, as a lot of the grass-type Pokemon overlap with poison.

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Another interesting takeaway is that the Kalos region played host to 18 different dragon-type Pokemon.

All eyes are now on a further Pokemon Sword and Shield reveal – which type of Pokemon will feature most prominently in the Galar region?