Simple Pokemon Go change would make raids much easier

Bill Cooney
pokemon go raid art

A simple change to player statuses could make filling out Pokemon Go raids much easier than it currently is, making raids themselves simpler as well.

Raids in Pokemon Go are all about teaming up and taking down bosses with your friends, but plenty of times players might not see the invite notifications.

Currently, the mobile game offers no way to tell whether your friends are online, or busy doing something else. This can make putting together a raid team somewhat of a challenge at the best of times.

However, users on Reddit have come up with an idea that could change all of that.

Pokemon Go players want status indicators added

On July 31 Reddit user ic22487 posted a concept for status indicators that could be added to Pokemon Go.

The idea is extremely simple, mirroring other online games, but it’s proven to be very popular, racking up over 5000 upvotes in roughly 24 hours.

“I like the idea of the in raid one, could be expanded to include fighting gyms,” one user replied. “I’ve missed invites in the past because I’m trying to take a gym.”

Plenty of others agreed as well, with a lot of players questioning why this wasn’t a thing already in Pokemon Go.

byu/ic22487 from discussion

Especially popular was the “invite” status, which would make filling out raids an incredibly simple process compared to how it goes now.

Whether or not Niantic will implement some kind of status system is unknown, but we do know it would be popular if it ever did happen.

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