Pokemon Unite leak reveals new fighters, possible, more

person playing pokemon unite phoneYouTube: Pokemon

A new Pokemon Unite leak claims that the game is coming out sooner than expected, and that Generation VIII monsters will feature in it. Several screenshots have also been unearthed too.

In June, The Pokemon Company surprised viewers with a new team battle title called Unite. The MOBA-inspired release features 5v5 matches, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch and Mobile devices.

However, outside of an eight-minute gameplay trailer, not a lot is known about the title. In August, a wave of new screenshots made their way online, and now the leaker claims the project is coming out sooner than initially thought.

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pokemon unite screenshotThe Pokemon Company / ResetEra
Several screenshots of Pokemon Unite thought to be real leaked online.

Pokemon Unite screenshots leaked

The screenshots first appeared on the gaming forum ResetEra, with the poster claiming them to be from a leaked video. The six new shots had previously not been featured in the official trailer.

According to the user ‘Nihilego_Khu’, the MOBA-like title could release sooner than expected. “It’s said that the internal test begins in August and game released in spring 2021,” their post read.

pokemon unite screenshotsThe Pokemon Company / ResetEra
Drednaw appears in the alleged screenshot.

In one of the pictures, an icon of Sword & Shield character Drednaw appears. The user wrote under the picture that Gen VIII monsters were confirmed to be in the game.

pokemon unite screenshotsThe Pokemon Company / ResetEra
The game will reportedly feature exclusive season based outfits.

The leaker also posted an image of what appears to be a character customization screen. Commenting on, they said, “Trainer customization system (money sucker system),” while adding, “There are limited season costumes that you can get when you get a ranking in the seasonal battle league.”

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The Pokemon Company / ResetEra
Pokemon Unite is said to get unlockable skins.

It should be stated to take any rumors or leaks with a grain of salt, especially when it’s unclear where the source is from. But based on the images, it’s looks like the images could be real.

Despite Unite’s Pokemon roster, the MOBA title was met with backlash from fans after being announced. However, perhaps players will warm up to it if it does come out this Spring.