Pokemon trainer gets ultimate egg hatch as square shiny appears

by David Purcell
Pokemon, Nintendo


Hunting for shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield can be difficult enough, with the chances of finding one extremely slim, although one trainer was absolutely delighted to see a square shiny appear right from a hatched egg. 

The popular video game series has included shiny Pokemon for years. They look similar to their standard forms but with color tweaks to set them apart, and they're particularly hard to encounter in the wild.

Players could be searching around areas of the Galar Region for hours on end without even a sniff of a shiny, which makes things all the more special when one surprisingly pops up out of nowhere.

Shiny Ponyta
Pokemon, Nintendo
Here's just one example of a shiny Pokemon. Ponyta, in normal form, wouldn't feature any blue.


Fans of Pokemon can often be seen sharing some of their gameplay footage on the Sword and Shield subreddit, including discoveries, issues and tips to learn from, but on January 26 it was all about congratulating one player on their latest egg hatch.

Reddit user Pulse_Of_Me showed other members of the community something that they certainly won't see every day in their games, as they had a square shiny Pokemon emerge from one of their eggs on Pokemon Sword.

What makes square shinies so special, though, is that when they appear you see a flurry of squares appear on the screen. Along with the video of the super rare hatch, which turned out to be Duskull, they posted: "A square shiny egg, we did it!"


Not everybody will catch one of these super rare Pokemon easily, but there are some particular shiny hunting methods that can increase your chances of encountering one in the wild.

As for the probability of having one come right from an egg, it's difficult to calculate the chances of getting one down that route. Players, though, will know that it doesn't happen all that often.

Good luck in your search for shinies, trainers! Let us know if you find one by tweeting us @PokemonSwordNS.