Pokemon Stadium coming to Switch with online multiplayer

Pokemon Stadium N64Nintendo

Pokemon Stadium is coming to the Nintendo Switch next week, becoming the latest N64 classic to receive some new love.

Nintendo is also giving the game a new lick of paint, adding online multiplayer to the 25-year-old game when it comes to the Switch library.

Stadium’s single-player mode will give players tons of options, including a chance to return to the Gym Leader castle, and face the strongest trainers from Pokemon Red and Blue.

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The four elite tournaments will also be available to play, and once players master both of these modes, a final challenge will be unlocked.

Switch owners who have also purchased a Nintendo Switch Online membership as well as the Expansion Pass for the N64 library will be able to play the game at no extra cost.

Pokemon StadiumYouTube: Nintendo

What is Pokemon Stadium?

Pokemon Stadium was one of the big hits on the N64, released in 1996. It broke from the traditional formula of having a large world and a more fleshed-out story, and instead focused on Pokemon battles and the more competitive side of the game.

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The game sold over one million copies, and led to a sequel in 2000. It also popularised Pokemon mini-games, and its influence can be seen in more modern games, such as Pokemon Go.

Nintendo has given this treatment to some of the most successful games on the N64, with the aim of making the Switch into a hub of Nintendo classics.

Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, and Pokemon Snap have also been made available on the Switch library, making Pokemon Stadium the 23rd game to be transferred into the modern era.

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