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UPDATE: Pokemon Go PvP trainer battle details revealed

Published: 4/Dec/2018 14:57 Updated: 8/Dec/2018 13:53

by Paul Cot


Trainer battles have been a wanted addition since the launch of Pokemon Go! We now have confirmation of the PvP mode and an array of details…

Update (07/12): Battling Team Leaders, Rewards

If no other trainers are nearby, you can battle team leaders Blanche, Candela and Spark. These battles can be fought for practice or rewards.

These rewards include Stardust and a Sinnoh Stone (according to promotional material). The rewards can only be obtained once a day.

Moreover, you can select the difficulty of your practice battle. There has been no confirmation whether this changes or increases your rewards.

Update (05/12): Pokemon Go Trainer Battles, More Details Revealed

Pokemon Go Trainer Battles are comprised of three Pokemon. Consequently, this means you must be tactful when choosing which Pokemon to send into battle. Naturally, types will play a pivotal role here.


Unlike traditional Pokemon battles, contests in Pokemon Go have a time limit. If the time runs out before the battle finishes then the winner is determined by who has the most KO’s. Another update offered from the official Pokemon Go Twitter is that you can challenge nearby trainers which will give them the option to accept or decline.

Finally, Trainer Battles are here

To the delight of Pokemon fans, trainer battles were teased last week. Less than a week later we have details about the new PvP mode in Pokemon Go.

Catching Pokemon and battling legendary Pokemon in raid battles have been the primary objectives in Pokemon Go. Until now…


More Pokemon Go Battle information revealed…

Pokemon Go Battle Friends

Battling friends, and other trainers, is a soon to be reality in Pokemon Go. To battle a random trainer, you’ll need to be nearby them.

The mechanics weren’t confirmed but it appears given the requirement of being nearby that a willing Pokemon trainer will appear on the map much like a wild Pokemon. However, with that said, the below screenshot suggests scanning a QR code with another device is the way to initiate battle.

Friends and Battles in the new Pokemon Go PvP mode…

Ultra Friends & Best Friends

The good news is you can battle your closest friends from any distance. This will be welcomed news for Pokemon trainers who want to test themselves against the people they know best.


This will probably be achieved by adding your friend to a list within Pokemon Go where both participants will need to accept the battle.

Pokemon Go Leagues

There are clearly differing levels of Pokemon trainer within the Go world. Some will have the most powerful Pokemon available whilst others may not be playing for combat points (CP) or may be newer to the game.As a result Niantic have made a system where battles will be as competitive as possible. This is achieved with Pokemon leagues.

Trainer Battle Leagues

These are divided into three different leagues by having a limit on your Pokemon’s CP. The leagues are there to put an emphasis on strategy as opposed to power. The leagues are as follows:


  • Great league: 1,500 CP
  • Ultra League: 2,500 CP
  • Master League: Unlimited CP

The Battles

There has been lots of speculation whether the Pokemon Go trainer battles would look similar to the current Pokemon Go battle system or whether Niantic would take a leaf out of the traditional Pokemon games.

Real Time Battles

Well the answer to that is the battles will be fought in real-time. This therefore means there won’t be a turn based system.

As a result it will be the trainer who’s most alert and quickest on the finger that gets the upper hand. Pokemon start with two moves in battle, a fast attack and charge attack. A further bonus charge attack can be unlocked using stardust and candy prior to battle.


Furthermore, there is a defensive mechanic called a “protect shield”. This behaves as expected whereby it protects your Pokemon from critical damage. There are a limited number of these available though.

Pokemon Go Trainer Battles Release Date

The specific release date was not announced. However, Niantic stated trainer battles will be available, “beginning this month”. Assuming their wording is correct we shouldn’t have long to wait!