Pokemon Go player surprised with Kanto Articuno spawn in Daily Incense


A Pokemon Go player was left surprised after finding a Kanto Articuno with their Daily Adventure Incense, despite the ‘mon not actually being available as a spawn.

Back in July 2022, Niantic revealed Daily Adventure Incense to give Pokemon Go players more motivation to take 15 minutes out of their day and go outside.

To make it even more worthwhile, the company used its launch to debut the Galarian form of the legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

So when a Redditor by the name of Ganado_Enthusiast found the Kanto form of Articuno, he was left both surprised and confused.

PoGo trainer surprised with Kanto Articuno spawn

The trainer shared their find with others in the Pokemon Go subreddit, explaining that they were traveling abroad in Egypt when they decided to start a Daily Adventure Incense.

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Instead of the normal encounter with a Galarian Articuno, Ganado_Enthusiast was met with an oddity, the ice-type bird’s original Kanto form.

Other players were quick to take to the comments with their own experiences as well, including trainers that have had a similar encounter.

“I hope it’s permanent, glitch or not. I need an extra Articuno and Moltres,” one user replied.

Another trainer shared: “My Galarian Articuno switched to an OG Articuno randomly while walking as my buddy.”

The trainer also shared their excitement for the surprising find, as they didn’t have the Kanto form Articuno beforehand.

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The only way to reliably get Articuno is when Pokemon Go puts the legendary bird in Raid Battles at the time of writing, but there’s no telling what Niantic might do with Daily Adventure Incense in the future.