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Pokemon Go Bug Out event live – shiny Scyther and Scizor available

Published: 28/Mar/2019 10:52 Updated: 3/Apr/2019 11:34

by Paul Cot


Niantic have confirmed a previously unseen Pokemon Go Bug Out event is coming at the beginning of April.

Shiny Scyther

It has been confirmed that shiny Scyther has been added to Pokemon Go. Previously, it had been unavailable.

Niantic have added shiny Pokemon as part of events before. Adding a shiny Scyther during the Bug Out event makes sense.

Shiny Pokemon are indicated by the sparkles beside a Pokemon during the encounter. Moreover, their colour changes and in the case of Scyther it changes to a different shade of green, with pink body parts instead of brown. Its evolved form Scizor changes from dark red to a more noticeable yellow.

Bug Out

The Pokemon Go Bug Out event will start on April 2, 1pm PDT and last for the usual one week. Therefore, the event will conclude on April 9, 1pm PDT.

As the name suggests bug-type Pokemon will spawn more frequently for the duration of the event.

Incense bonus

Perhaps most interestingly though, the real benefit of the event comes from incenses. Not only will incense last twice as long but will it also be more effective, whereby more Pokemon will appear.

This presents a great opportunity for Pokemon Go players who live in more remote areas, away from Pokestops. The increased rate is unknown but using an incense even in the most inactive of areas will result in at least twice the Pokemon seen, and possibly up to four times as many.

@PokemonScizor is one of the stronger bug-types in Pokemon Go…

The full list of bonuses can be seen here:

  • Bug-type Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild.
  • Incense will last twice as long.
  • More Pokemon will appear when using Incense.

Limited time bug themed field research will also be available for the duration of the event.

Are bug types useful in Pokemon Go?

In terms of battling, be it at gyms or in raids, no. Bug-types don’t really have a place in the Pokemon Go meta.

The strongest bug-type Pokemon are Scizor, Pinsir and Heracross. While these three have decent attack stats, their relatively poor defense and stamina means they aren’t viable in a competitive sense.

Nevertheless, the Bug Out event does provide a great opportunity for all trainers to catch increased amounts of Pokemon. There is also the chance of encountering the previously seen Butterfree or Pineco shiny.


Pokemon teases “special” announcement for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Published: 23/Nov/2020 22:42

by Brent Koepp


The Pokemon Company has teased an announcement for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on November 26. Could the “special” event be information for Detective Pikachu’s sequel, a release date for the upcoming MOBA Unite, or something else?

Since 2001, the Pokemon franchise has been a staple at the annual Thanksgiving Parade event broadcasted live each November. Fans tuning in have been treated to a gigantic balloon featuring the RPG’s beloved yellow mascot, Pikachu.

However, according to a new press release, 2020 is going to be different. This year’s Macy’s event will reportedly feature a performance of Pikachu dancers that will supposedly be tied to a special announcement from the Japanese company.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade’s special Pokemon announcement

On November 23, The Pokemon Company sent out a cryptic press release urging fans to “tune in” for a special performance at the 2020 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. “A troupe of dancing Pikachu will deliver an electrifying performance,” the notice read.

Interestingly, the PR message also makes it sound like a possible announcement will be tied to the yellow mascot’s unique appearance at the event: “Pokemon fans will want to tune in to find out why they’re making a special appearance this year.”

The vague teaser has kicked off speculation that we might possibly get some new info regarding the popular franchise. As far as what it could be is anyone’s guess. We are still due for an update about a sequel for the 3DS title Detective Pikachu. It also wouldn’t be too unbelievable that the upcoming mobile MOBA Unite could finally get a concrete release date.

Screenshot of Pokemon MOBA Unite.
The Pokemon Company / ResetEra
Could we finally get more details about Pokemon Unite’s release date?

Another possible announcement could be a follow-up to the hit 2019 live action movie Detective Pikachu. Although it’s probably unlikely to be related to any of the mainline RPG titles or anything related to the 25th anniversary in 2021. Whatever it is, it’s strange that The Pokemon Company has specifically asked fans to tune in to the live event.

For over the last 19 years, the Nintendo property has participated in the annual parade with a massive Pikachu balloon. This year finally breaks that tradition with a special performance. Which begs the question: why? Tune in on November 26, to find out, but it would be wise to keep expectations in check.