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Ralts, Slakoth, Trapinch and Bagon rumored to headline Pokemon Go April event

Published: 26/Mar/2019 15:38 Updated: 28/Mar/2019 15:08

by Paul Cot


Update: Bagon has been announced as the headliner for the Pokemon Go April Community Day.

The latest Pokemon Go event featuring Treecko concluded on March 23. Now, Pokemon Go trainers look towards the next community day.

What will the community day pattern be? 

Firstly, we can look at previous community days and their resulting patterns to narrow down what’s coming for April.

Starter Pokemon appearing in odd months has been the case since the introduction of community days in January 2018. The most recent community day in March featured the Gen 3 grass-type starter, Treecko.

April being an even numbered month means we can expect a non-starter Pokemon. The questions remains who, though. 

A further, and less known, pattern is that Niantic always select a Pokemon that can evolve more than once. Pikachu and Eevee are grey areas to this rule, but they are popular exceptions.

This narrows down the list of candidates even more. Given we can rule out starter Pokemon for April and we go with the assumption it will evolve twice, the following are the most likely choices for the fourth featured event of 2019.


The dual psychic and fairy-type Pokemon was one of the favorites to headline in February due to it being a feeling/emotion Pokemon. It’s arguably the leading contender for April.

Ralts’ final evolved form, Gallade, was only introduced to Pokemon Go in February. It evolves from Gardevoir using a Sinnoh stone.

Pokemon FandomSome expected Ralts to headline the February Community Day…


Much like Ralts, Bagon would be a popular choice among Pokemon Go trainers.

Its final evolved form, Salamence, is a useful Pokemon to have in the Go meta. It’s a good counter against some of the harder to catch legendary Pokemon in raid battles.

Pokemon FandomSalamence is a good counter against some of the tougher Pokemon…


Another Pokemon you will have come across in Pokemon Go gyms is Slaking. Slakoth the first evolution, evolves into Vigoroth before evolving into the powerful Slaking.

Slaking is seen in various gyms due to its excellent attack and stamina stats. The latter makes it a premium Pokemon to defend gyms with.

Pokemon FandomSlaking is an excellent defender of gyms in Pokemon Go…


The ground-type Pokemon, Trapinch is probably the least likely of these contenders. However, it does fill the criteria for a even month community day contender.

Trapinch’s final form is Flygon, which despite its name is a dual typed ground and dragon Pokemon.

Pokemon FandomTrapinch is the underdog to feature in the April Community Day…

Bonus, date and time

At this point, the three-hour lures appear to be a mainstay in Pokemon Go community days. The other most likely bonus will be some form of egg-hatching distance reduction.

The April CD will most likely fall on April 13, or April 27. April 20 is less likely as this is Easter weekend. The start time of 3pm all over the world was received with praise in the past, so it seems certain it will be a 3pm start again.


Pokemon Go January 26 Spotlight Hour: Shiny Phanpy, 2x Candy bonus, more

Published: 26/Jan/2021 21:29 Updated: 26/Jan/2021 21:34

by Brent Koepp


Pokemon Go is celebrating Gen II ‘mon Phanpy on January 26. The special Spotlight Hour will give players a chance to catch the adorable Gold & Silver elephant in a rare Shiny form, and more.

Niantic is closing out the first month of 2021 with a celebration of the Johto region. Pokemon Go players are getting a chance to re-experience the 1998 RPG with special in-game events.

January’s final spotlight hour fittingly highlights beloved second generation elephant, Phanpy. The 60-minute celebration is also giving Trainers the chance to build up Candy with a transfer bonus.

Screenshot of Shiny Phanpy in Pokemonn 3DS.
Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The beloved Gen II elephant gets a Spotlight Hour in January 2021.

Pokemon Go Phanpy Spotlight Hour date & start time

Phanpy’s event kicks off the same day as the Johto Celebration makes its debut on January 26. Like all previous Spotlight Hours, the limited-time event will begin at 6PM and end at 7PM local time.

Trainers who log in during this time will see a massively boosted rate of the Gen II Pokemon. Those participating will even be able to run into its rare Shiny variant. Evolving one into a Donphan is pretty epic – so keep an eye out!

Even those not looking for more of the cute elephant will want to jump in as the week’s mystery bonus is actually incredibly useful with a boosted Candy rate.

Screenshot of shiny Donphan in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Players can evolve Shiny Phanpy into Donphan.

Pokemon Go Mystery Hour bonus

For January’s final mystery hour, players will get a 2x transfer Candy boost. This actually applies to all characters, so those hanging onto multiple Pokemon will want to offload their duplicates for twice the Candy.

There are some pretty hefty evolution requirements for some ‘mon, making this the perfect time to build up the Candy you need to evolve them. Trainers also looking to strengthen their monsters should take advantage of this hour.

Many will be out trying to get a head start on completing their Johto collection anyway, so utilizing the Spotlight Hour’s 2x transfer Candy is a quick way to get a Typhlosion or Feraligatr.

As the first month of 2021 wraps up, Niantic is getting players ready for the Kanto Tour which launches on February 20. The Gen I event will celebrate Pokemon’s 25th anniversary.