Pokemon Go new appraisal chart for IVs – How does it work?

Pokemon Go’s new appraisal chart allows you to work the IVs of your Pokemon and is already a huge hit with trainers.

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The news was confirmed on the Niantic Support Twitter account: “We are rolling out an updated appraisal system to give you more detailed information on your Pokemon’s stats,” and is live following the 0.149.0 update.

This is the first time the current appraisal system is getting a substantial update since Pokemon Go was released in July, 2016. The overhaul is already receiving widespread praise from Pokemon Go trainers as appraising Pokemon in the old format was time consuming and hard to understand.

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Pokemon Go appraisal star meaning

As the shared video shows, the new appraisal system will give each Pokemon a rating out of three stars. This is based on an average score of attack, defense and stamina, whereby an average of one bar is one star and so forth.

The ratings are as follows:

  • Zero Stars: 50% or below
  • One Star: Between 51.1% and 64.4%
  • Two Stars: Between 66.7% and 80%
  • Three Stars (orange): Between 82.2% 98%
  • Three Stars (pink): 100% perfect IV

NianticThe new appraisal system will give each Pokemon a rating out of three stars…
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Work out your IV with the new appraisal system

Some Pokemon Go trainers want more than just a star rating for their Pokemon, they want to know their Pokemon’s IV. Well, fortunately with the new system you can work this out. Three stars with a pink background is clear and obvious – a 100% IV.

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However, some of the others require a closer look. You can work out your Pokemon’s IV by simply looking at the bars, the image below shows exactly what each sized bar converts to.

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Old appraisal system needed a change

With the previous appraisal system you had to click on each Pokemon before selecting appraise. Even then, the appraisal description wasn’t clear and had to be interpreted in various ways as they don’t provide any numbers.

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If you don’t know what they meant, we did the research for each Pokemon Go appraisal meaning for you, although this is now redundant.

The old appraisal system didn’t really tell you how strong your Pokemon were in any great detail…
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How popular the new changes will be remains to be seen but they are already making appraising Pokemon far easier. As there is no specific IV score though, usage of third party apps will likely remain.

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Niantic won’t be too concerned with these apps that strictly appraise Pokemon and are more worried about spoofing applications which allow players to circumvent their GPS to go anywhere they want and see Pokemon ratings before encountering them.

Last updated 09:02 ET, July 18, 2019

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