Glitch causes Gigantamax Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Go

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Gigantamax Pokemon are the super-sized species from Sword and Shield but now they have been spotted in Pokemon Go, or supposedly so.

It may look like Gigantamax Pokemon (or technically Dynamax) but it is actually nothing more than a glitch. The appearance of the massive ‘mon occurs when engaging a wild Pokemon and it flees.

After trying to catch it, there is x% (depending on the species) that it will run away. This is when the below animation can sometimes be found.

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Gigantamax Glitch Pokemon Go ChikoritaReddit: u/sD3d3D
No, that isn’t a real Gigantamax Chikorita in Pokemon Go!

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The image was shared on Reddit by sD3d3D who noticed the comparison. It’s not clear whether this was a freak incident or if it is regular when Pokemon flee.

Either way, it’s not something we have personally noticed. Let’s be honest though, fleeing Pokemon aren’t a common occurrence and even when they do, not many trainers pay too much attention to them leaving.

No other trainers have reported their ‘fake’ Gigantamax experience, but plenty of trainers enjoyed the unique sighting. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING, TRAINER?” rtamez509 commented.

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Others didn’t feel “glitch” was the right word to use and felt “feature” was more appropriate. “Not a glitch. Sounds like the best feature ever put into the game,” slaudencia shared on the post.

Will Niantic added Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon?

Jokes aside, this isn’t a feature in Pokemon Go, at least yet. Niantic are currently in the middle of rolling out Gen 5 Pokemon.

With Dynamax and Gigantamax species featuring in Gen 8 it could be a long time before they ever make it into the mobile game. At the current release rate we’d be looking at around 2023.

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That’s assuming they even bother to release these super-sized versions and don’t stick with just adding the Gen 8 species to the game.