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What are the best selling Pokemon games of all time?

Published: 28/Jan/2019 16:32 Updated: 2/Apr/2019 14:47

by Paul Cot


Pokemon is one of the best selling game franchises of all time. The iconic Mario series is the only franchise to top Pokemon to date. Here we list the top selling Pokemon games of all time.

Best selling video game franchise

The Mario series, which includes Super Mario, Mario Kart and more, has sold an incredible estimated 570 million copies. Pokemon, which comes in number two, has sold an estimated 301 million copies.

Iconic video game franchises GTA and FIFA also fall behind Pokemon. They are third and fourth in the list, with respective estimated sales of 280 and 260 million. Coming in at number 5 is unsurprisingly Call of Duty. The most famous first-person shooter has sold 250 million copies.

For the sake of determining the most popular Pokemon games, versions such as Gold, Silver and Crystal will be combined as they are essentially the same game.

1. Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

46.02 million sales (Last updated December 2014)

The first ever Pokemon game is by far the best selling. It was released on the Gameboy in 1996. Even today, when someone says Pokemon game, most people think of Pokemon Red and Blue.

Interestingly, the lesser-known Pokemon Green was only released in Japan. This is why the majority of audiences aren’t familiar with the game. Given this we can safely assume the Green version contributed little to the overall sales.

Green, along with Pokemon Red and Blue, generated a huge 31.38 million sales. Consequently, Pokemon Yellow has sold 14.64 million copies.

Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow Cover – Gameboy

2. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal

29.49 million sales (Last updated December 2014)

Given the popularity of the first Pokemon game, it is unsurprising that the second game to be released, Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, comes in at number two on the chart.

There was quite a gap between the release date depending on region. Japan first got this game in 1999 and Europe had to wait until 2001. It was released on the Gameboy Color and based on the Johto region.

Between the three, 29.49 million copies were sold with Gold and Silver contributing to the bulk of the sales with 23.1 million.

Pokemon Gold Silver and Crystal Cover – Gameboy Color

3. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

25.27 million sales (Last updated March 2017)

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were the first Pokemon games released on the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Platinum, the enhanced version of Diamond and Pearl, was released two years later.

The game introduced five time periods, in comparison to Gold and Silver’s three, and made several changes to the battle mechanics.

First released in 2006 (2007 elsewhere), Diamond and Pearl generated 17.67 million sales. Therefore, Pokemon Platinum sold 7.6 million.

Pokemon Pearl Diamond Platinum Cover – Nintendo DS

4. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

23.28 million sales (Last updated March 2013)

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire was the third Pokemon game to be released.

It was released for the Gameboy Advance. Once again Japan got a head-start on the rest of the world with a November 2002 release. It was released to the rest of the world by July of 2003. It was the first Pokemon to introduce double battles.

A similar trend continues with Ruby and Sapphire’s enhanced version, Emerald, whereby its predecessor accumulates most of the sales. Pokemon Emerald contributed 7.06 million sales of the 23.28.

Pokemon Ruby Sapphire Emerald Cover – Gameboy Advance

5. Pokemon X and Y

16.37 million sales (Last updated December 2018)

Some would look at this list and think the introduction of a new generation of Pokemon would boost the sales. However, each of these games have been the first Pokemon on new Nintendo handheld hardware.

Pokemon X and Y was the first Pokemon game to appear on the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first Pokemon game on handheld to feature fully 3D polygonal graphics. Moreover, it features mega evolution for the first time.

Released in 2013, Pokemon X and Y sold a combined 16.37 million copies.

Source: Pokemon game sales figures

Pokemon X Y Cover – Nintendo 3DS

Other Pokemon games

Other mainline Pokemon games such as Pokemon Sun/Moon and Red/Blue remake, Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green weren’t far behind.

Interestingly, classic games such as Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap weren’t close to making the top 5.


Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer transforms into Nessa in epic TikTok

Published: 24/Nov/2020 21:00 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 22:59

by Brent Koepp


A Pokemon Sword & Shield cosplayer made waves on TikTok after sharing her mind-blowing transformation in Gen 8’s Water-type Gym Leader, Nessa.

The Pokemon franchise entered its eighth generation with the release of Sword & Shield on the Nintendo Switch. The 2019 RPG introduced players to a whole new cast of characters and was the debut of the Galar region.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the game by bringing popular character Nessa to life with an insanely accurate portrayal. The artist’s stunning video transformation into the Gym Leader will leave fans of the Water-type Trainer in awe.

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The Sword & Shield Gym Leader has already become a fan-favorite.

Pokemon cosplayer transforms into Gym Leader Nessa

At the start of the Gen 8 title, the protagonist receives an invitation to the Pokemon League by reigning Champion Leon. On the player’s quest to become the very best, they face off against a host of new Gym Leaders – including Nessa of Hulbury.

Cosplayer ‘nerdtasticmel’ made a splash on Instagram after sharing her incredible true-to-life take on the Trainer. The artist faithfully recreated the heroine’s signature two-piece white and blue Galar league uniform.

Mel’s re-creation of the attire is full of little details, such as the water drop logo on her crop top and the number 049 on her swim shorts. She also faithfully included the character’s belly button chain accessory which wraps around her stomach.


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A post shared by Nerdtastic Mel (@nerdtasticmel)

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the cosplayer uploaded a video to TikTok which shows how much work goes into artist’s bringing their favorite characters to life. The clip shows nerdtasticmel’s epic transformation in the Sword & Shield heroine.


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A post shared by Nerdtastic Mel (@nerdtasticmel)

Despite only releasing at the end of 2019, the eighth gen RPG is already the third-highest selling game in the entire franchise. Proof that Pokemon’s addicting “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” design is more popular than it’s ever been.

In October, the title got its second major DLC expansion, The Crown Tundra. While it’s unclear if the add-on will be the last content the Switch release gets, the update closed out the Galar region with an epic finale.