7 Pokemon that definitely need new evolutions in Gen 8

David Purcell

There’s no better feeling than training a Pokemon to a point where it evolves and becomes more powerful. With a brand new generation on the horizon, here’s a handful of Pokemon that we think could have one more evolution in them…

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Nintendo is currently working towards a November 15 release window for both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Even with a number of additions to the Galar Region Pokedex already confirmed, there’s still so much more to see from the new games. 

There have already been a grand total of 809 interesting creatures added to the Pokedex since the franchise first started in 1996. Whether you have watched it on TV, played with the video games on console, mobile, or even collected the trading cards, many trainers have grown to love specific characters over the years.

However, with the announcement of Farfetch’d finally getting its first evolution in Sword and Shield – in the form of Sirfetch’d – we can’t help but think that a few others would really benefit from the same opportunity. Let’s take a look and see if you agree.

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Kangaskhan might have been selected for Mega Evolutions, but we want more.

The first one on this list is a normal-type Pokemon which was introduced in the first ever generation, Kangaskhan. 

Now, there’s no doubt that the Pokemon itself is big enough, and certainly powerful enough, to fend for itself. However, when a series of Mega Evolutions were added with Pokemon X and Y, it gave us a taste of what it would be like to play with a younger version of Kangashkan – as it also grows in the process. 

For those who aren’t aware, 46 species of Pokemon holding their appropriate Mega Stones can evolve into a stronger version of itself. There’s been a smaller creature hiding in its pouch for too long, now it’s time to let it explore the world for itself!

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Helioptile, Heliolisk 

Helioptile and Heliolisk are surely going to get a future evolution. A mega evolution isn’t enough…
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Helioptile played a major role in the Pokemon TV series, having been added to the Pokedex in Gen 6, and quickly become a fan favorite. The electric/normal type has a nice blend in terms of the moves it develops and evolving it to Heliolisk is not only sad, but somewhat underwhelming. 

There are a few Pokemon evolution chains that look set for a third evolution and, surely, this is one of those. By making comparisons to Charmander and Charmeleon, for example, you would think the pair look set to evolve one more time into something much bigger. 

Will it happen? We certainly hope so in Gen 8.


Relicanth was added to the Pokedex in Gen 3.
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Relicanth first made its debut in the Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire video games, but has never evolved in any way, shape, or form. It’s a shame, really. 

There are a vast array of interesting creatures to be found in depths and Relicanth certainly has the makings of a Pokemon which could take an interesting next step. It already has unique properties, as its a water/rock type, coupled by its unique stone-like colors. 

Perhaps we could see it grow even more, adding even more unique attacks and defence moves to its arsenal in Pokemon Sword and Shield. 


“Wobuffett” could do with an upgrade, don’t you think?

If you have watched the Pokemon TV show, you will be well aware of just how hilarious – and useless – Wobbuffet was for Team Rocket. While the creature will definitely have its fans (right?), there’s no doubt that it could do with some sort of boost. 

A perfect comparison, which indicates what we’re looking for here, is Magikarp. The Pokemon is pretty much futile, but after giving it some time and effort (and a whole lot of rare candies) it evolves into one of the most dominant Pokemon around – Gyarados. 

Wobbuffet needs this type of boost in the next generation. 


Dunsparce is (surely) going to evolve in Gen 8.

We’re also hoping that Dunsparce will finally evolve at some point. 

The Pokemon was added to the Pokedex in Gen 2 and no matter how much it battles, or how hard it tries, it’s still yet to experience the flashing lights and the crazy music synonymous with evolving on the video games. 

In its current state, the Pokemon is a land snake and a normal type. Hopefully, it will develop brand new abilities in the next generation, grow, and become something much greater than the Pokemon we see today. 


Surely sometime in the future we’ll see Hypno evolve!

Hypno is one of Pokemon’s famed original generation and has never been given the opportunity to evolve, but that doesn’t mean to say that this secondary evolution form won’t in the future. 

Given that Game Freak have already revealed changes to a number of first gen Pokemon already, with Weezing being given an interesting new form, and Farfatch’d handed a new evolution, we’d like to see Hypno evolve once more. 

Side-by-side, itself and its lower evolution form Drowzee are very similar in terms of their size and power, but with it evolving so early there’s definitely room for another much greater psychic-type Pokemon to come from this chain. 


Qwilfish is another that’s not known to evolve at all in Pokemon.

Last, but certainly not least… It’s Qwilfish!

There have been some amazing water-type Pokemon added to the Pokedex over the years, with many proving to be very popular among the franchise’s fanbase, but this species is still as basic as they come in terms of how it looks and how well it can perform in the games. 

With a limited move-set and not much to look forward to in terms of progression, it’s highly unlikely that you will see the mighty Qwilfish stepping up in the Pokemon League. However, a future evolution certainly could! 

It has the variety of being both water and poison type on its side, giving it a unique starting point, and we would like to see how things would play out if it was ever given the chance to grow even bigger… Maybe some day.

So, there you have it. They are the seven Pokemon we would like to see evolve in Gen 8. Whether or not they will is another matter, but we’ll be crossing our fingers nevertheless. Did we leave anyone out?