Strange Overwatch glitch traps Reaper across the map after teleporting

. 2 years ago
Reaper in Overwatch

Reaper’s teleport ability is a great way to cover ground in Overwatch, but it does no good when it gets you trapped inside a wall.

For the most part, Overwatch runs pretty well which is why when glitches happen, it’s all the more eye-opening.

Reaper has the power to be one of the most devastating DPS heroes in the game when he’s in the right hands. His high mobility also makes him a great choice for players who want to contest a point while their team is waiting to respawn.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Sometimes Reaper’s teleport ability doesn’t go where you want it to.

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On the verge of losing the round, Reddit user ShinWho tried to do just this and contest while he waited for backup, however, his teleport ability had other ideas.

When the player tried to teleport, the game actually moved Reaper to a random spot on the map and trapped him there, effectively losing the round for his team.

Although incidents like this are rare, it certainly does seem like they rear their ugly head at the worst possible times.

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At first glance, it might not be all that obvious as to what happened, but one Redditor thinks they cracked the code.

“It looks like you [teleported] on the Mei wall when it disappeared at the perfect time, the game didn’t know where to send you so it sent you to 0,0 which is inside a wall,” wrote SplOrange_.

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We don’t know if that’s the actual reasoning behind what happened, but it does make a little bit of sense if you go back and watch the clip. At the same moment Reaper used his teleport ability, Mei’s ice wall was in the process of disappearing. It’s possible the game had no idea what to do in that situation, so it decided to banish Reaper to a wall for making it think too hard.
Whatever the case may be, this appears to be a glitch that will be pretty hard to replicate going forward, so it’s not really something players should worry about happening too much.
If it does end up becoming an issue, we’re sure Blizzard would get it addressed and fixed in a future patch.

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