San Francisco Shock’s BabyBay Stars in Parody of Lil Pump’s “Esskeetit”

San Francisco Shock’s Andrej ‘BabyBay’ Francisty has starred in an epic parody of Lil Pump’s “Esskeetit”.

Gamer clothing company Ateyo produced an Overwatch-themed parody of Lil Pump’s music video featuring the Shock DPS player to promote their new line.

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The video mimics the style and tone of LiL Pump’s original, with BabyBay starring as the rapper himself. BabyBay is remarkably committed to the role, rocking a wig and even some Overwatch-themed fake tattoos to mimic Lil Pump’s appearance.

Parodies like this always run the risk of tilting towards cringe, and at least a hint of that is almost unavoidable, but those that fully commit to the premise usually manage to minimize that risk as much as possible. In the video quality, the attention to detail in mimicking the original, and the performance of BabyBay, Ateyo’s video certainly isn’t half-baked.

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The parody seems to have done its job, too, garnering plenty of attention from the Overwatch scene, and several responders to the post stating that they had placed an order.

BabyBay’s San Francisco Shock is likely to remain out of action for the rest of 2018, with the team having fallen short of reaching the Overwatch League season one playoffs and currently no other tournaments announced for OWL teams before season two in 2019. BabyBay himself, however, will compete for Team USA at the Overwatch World Cup later in the year.