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Overwatch’s April 23 PTR patch secretly buffed Echo’s hitbox

Published: 24/Apr/2020 6:52

by Andrew Amos


Overwatch’s most recent PTR update might have been focusing on improving communication in-gamme, but an unannounced change has slipped through the cracks that’ll make Echo mains happy ⁠— her head hitbox got shrunk.

Echo has revolutionized the way Damage characters can play in Overwatch. Morphing into an enemy player entirely, she can be a support, tank, or DPS tearing through the enemy with just the click of her ultimate.

However, there were a couple of downsides to Echo. One big one was, well, her rather large head hitbox. But, that problem seems to have been fixed without a peep from Blizzard about it.

Before the 1.48 PTR update, Echo’s head hitbox was way bigger than the model itself. When you dinked an Echo, it looked like you were grazing fresh air. However, it’s now been reconfigured to more closely resemble the model.

Players have noted Echo’s head hitbox is now a lot closer to, well, her head. It sticks out less behind her, forcing players to actually hit her head model to get the fabled dink. It’s about half the size of the hitbox on live servers, which extends as far back as the ‘hair’ on her head.

[PTR] Echo’s head hitbox reduction (PTR vs LIVE comparison) from r/Overwatch

The change wasn’t mentioned in the notes ⁠— at least not in plain English. While changes were made to “reduce the height of Echo’s head hit volume,” this may have confused some players.

However, with the changes now demonstrated, it’s easy to see that Blizzard have patched out one of Hero 32’s most infuriating bugs.

Given her emphasis on dashing and floating in fights, getting hit when it seemed like the shot missed was annoying for Echo players. While some thought her original hitbox was intentional, it seems that’s not actually the case.

Because it’s on the PTR, the hitbox update is still subject to change. Players shouldn’t expect Echo’s hitbox to actually shrink until the patch is pushed to live.

The Patch 1.48 test server update introduced a major tweak to the game’s communication wheel, as well as a host of fixes for Genji, D.Va, and more. While this hitbox change is only a small part of it, it means a lot to budding Echo mains.


Overwatch Oct 22 update changes health for multiple heroes: patch notes

Published: 22/Oct/2020 19:30 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 19:38

by Michael Gwilliam


A new Overwatch patch has hit the Experimental Card on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch, and with it come some huge changes to hero health across the board.

The radical update sees multiple heroes get their health pools revamped in the form of base health and shields.

As Overwatch Community Manager Josh Nash notes, “Historically, we’ve always adjusted health and shield values in increments of 50 for ease of understanding how many hits a hero could take. After years of balance updates and fine tuning, we want to try getting a bit more granular with this approach.”

McCree is the big winner this patch, with an extra 25 HP for some added survivability. Plus, his reload speed is getting a slight increase.

McCree Halloween skin
Blizzard Entertainment
McCree is the biggest winner this patch.

Brigitte and Symmetra are winners too, as their base health and shields are going up by 25 HP.

However, Widowmaker sees her health drop from 200 to 175 HP. This makes her the second weakest standard-form hero in the game HP-wise, behind Tracer, who has 150.

Additionally, Baptiste and Mei are getting some nice buffs. Now, when going into Cryo-Freeze, Mei’s ammo will be refilled by 15 per second. Her Ice Wall cooldown is also lowered by a second.

Mei is happy at her lab
Blizzard Entertainment
Mei has been buffed nicely.

Meanwhile, Baptiste is getting buffed with his primary fire recovery time reduced from 0.45 to 0.38 seconds. His healing is also upped from 50 to 60. However, the damage he does has been decreased from 25 to 24.

As always with the Experimental card, not all of these changes may go through, but they’re major reworks that show us how the devs are reshaping the game ahead of Overwatch 2.

Full patch notes:


The next experiment begins! This time we’re hoping to get your feedback on some balance changes. We’re using the 2-2-2 Role Queue ruleset so that you can get a feel for how these balance changes might affect the live game.



Biotic Launcher

  • (Primary Fire) Recovery time reduced from 0.45 to 0.38 seconds
  • (Primary Fire) Damage reduced from 25 to 24
  • (Secondary Fire) Recovery increased from 0.8 to 0.9 seconds
  • (Secondary Fire) Healing increased from 50 to 60

Amplification Matrix

  • Width increased from 5 to 9 meters

Developer Comments: We’re trying out some adjustments to Baptiste’s Biotic Launcher firing cadence that will make dealing damage quicker and landing a healing grenade more impactful. His Amplification Matrix was sometimes difficult to utilize for his allies without gathering very closely together so we’ve made it much wider.



  • Base health increased from 150 to 175



  • Base health increased from 200 to 225


  • (General) Reload time reduced from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds



  • Now restores 15 ammo per second

Ice Wall

  • Cooldown lowered from 13 to 12 seconds

Developer Comments: Since we previously made Mei’s primary fire relatively more expensive, she spends more time out of ammo and this was particularly noticeable when unable to reload while in Cryo-Freeze. To help smooth out this gameplay she now regains some ammo during Cryo-Freeze.



  • Base shields increased from 100 to 125



  • Base health reduced from 200 to 175

Developer Comments: We’re experimenting with some max health adjustments in 25 HP increments to allow for more fine tuning of heroes’ power. Until now this was done in 50 HP increments to help simplify the understanding how many hits an enemy hero could withstand.