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Overwatch YouTuber discovers how much money Reaper wastes on shotguns

Published: 22/Feb/2020 0:21

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch YouTuber ‘Fraglrokt’ has answered fan’s burning question of how much Reaper spends on weapons over the duration of a standard match.

In the game’s lore, Reaper wields two shotguns and “reloads” by dropping them to the floor, while pulling two other guns seemingly out of thin air.

It’s not a traditional reload by any means, but after the YouTuber was asked a question regarding his reloading methods during a live stream, he decided to investigate and discover the actual cost.

Blizzard Entertainment
Reaper wields two shotguns at all times.

To begin, Fraglrokt had to find a model of shotgun that was similar to the “Hellfire” model Reaper uses in-game. After a bit of searching, the YouTuber discovered that the Remington V3 TAC 13 is the most identical in design.

“This Remington is semi-automatic, so it’s not pump-action and it’s similar in shape and size, even down to the grip,” the YouTuber explained.

According to Remington’s website, one gun costs $915, meaning that to dual-wield, Reaper is spending $1830 per reload.

Next, the YouTuber needed to discover how many times the average Reaper player reloads. After viewing some quick play matches, Fraglrokt determined that players reload an average of thirty times per game. That’s nothing to sniff at!

“In guns alone, Reaper is throwing down $54,900 just in one game,” the Overwatch player revealed.

That’s not all: when it comes to ammo, through some math, Fraglrokt determined that Reaper goes through an average of 240 rounds per game, regardless if they’re fired from the gun.

Reaper’s guns are similar to the Remington V3 TAC 13.

The closest ammo that resembled Reaper’s twenty pellets per shot was number one buck, with sixteen pellets per round.

With number one buck costing $72.04 for 250 rounds, the total for a quick play match now becomes $54,972.04 per match.

That said, if this was a competitive match with multiple rounds, that total could easily become $150,000 on guns and ammo alone.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like Reaper buys his equipment – but if he did, he would be spending quite a bit to remain armed and dangerous.


Amazing Overwatch x Marvel crossover skin idea turns Genji into Iron Man

Published: 18/Jan/2021 18:09

by Michael Gwilliam


An Instagram artist has created what could be one of the best Overwatch skin ideas to date, combining the cyborg ninja Genji with Marvel’s Iron Man and the result is incredible.

Unlike games such as Fortnite, Overwatch hasn’t gone out of its way to pursue crossovers with large companies, meaning we haven’t gotten Marvel, DC or Star Wars inspired skins in the Overwatch universe.

However, if Blizzard ever decides to change that, Genji could be an amazing candidate to get his model reworked a touch to add in that Iron Man and bosslogic shows exactly why.

His incredible crossover takes Genji’s iconic look and mashes it over Iron Man’s armor making for a perfect combination.

Genji dashes
Blizzard Entertainment
Genji as Iron Man? It actually works quite well.

The helmet maintains the style of the Shimada’s, but the coloring and lighting coming from the visor is uniquely Iron Man with the red and gold matching up nicely.

Genji’s robotic body also contrasts with the Iron Man suit, with a nice “Stark Industries” logo right in the center just for good measure. Seeing Genji double jump and Swift Strike with this skin would look great, especially with all the lights illuminating from the suit in the process.

After the skin was posted to Reddit, users starting coming up with their own Marvel-Overwatch crossovers they want to see, if the two companies ever decided to work together.

“Honestly I would give Pharah a Falcon skin and Rein a Hulkbuster armor skin. Man that’d be awesome,” one wrote.

Others suggested Tracer as Black Widow, Doomfist as Thanos, Hanzo-Hawkeye and Soldier 76 with a Captain American skin.

Hopefully, by the time Overwatch 2 releases, Blizzard can find a way to work with Marvel so these skin ideas become realities. It seems like fans would really enjoy them and they’d be a good way to market both properties.

That said, with rumors swirling that the sequel is being delayed, it could give Blizzard the time they need to secure a deal and give fans what they want skin-wise.