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Overwatch tank player hits rank 1 with unconventional hero pool

Published: 8/Nov/2019 5:16 Updated: 8/Nov/2019 6:30

by Andrew Amos


Sigma and Orisa have dominated Overwatch for the last couple of months, but the top tank player has shown that you don’t need to be a meta slave to climb high on the ranked ladder.

Since Sigma’s release and the introduction of role lock, two tanks have dominated the Overwatch meta — him and Orisa. The double shield strategy, while still being mobile and packed with tons of utility, has made the lives of players hell.

However, one player has shown you don’t need to be a slave to the meta to climb high on the ranked ladder. In fact, the top tank player in Season 18 didn’t even have Sigma or Orisa in his top two most played heroes, showing that in ranked, anything flies as long as you are good.

Sigma has dominated the tank meta in Overwatch, but he’s not the be-all-end-all.

Semi-pro player Anthony ‘harbleu’ Ballo took home the honors of being the best tank player in ranked Season 18, beating out the likes of Overwatch League star Indy ‘Space’ Halpern and other various players from both OWL and Contenders.

In his 207 Season 18 games, Sigma didn’t feature in his top two, and Orisa wasn’t even in his top three. Harbleu played 18 hours of Wrecking Ball as his most played, with Zarya as his second most played at 9 hours. He ended up finishing on 4673 SR, 4 SR higher than Space.

Blizzard EntertainmentHarbleu’s tank stats for Season 18 are impressive.

Everyone else in the top five had Sigma and Orisa as their two most played heroes across the season, showing just how dominant they’ve been in the meta. 

Nevertheless, that didn’t mean he couldn’t dig his heels in and go against the grain to show that there’s more to Overwatch than goats and scientists.

Although he was playing Hammond and Zarya throughout the season, Harbleu is known for his Roadhog. He didn’t get much of a chance to pull it out against all of the shielding he was up against, only managing 8 hours on the hero, but he’s proven to be one of the scariest off-tanks in the world when Hog is meta.

Harbleu’s tanks aren’t the only unconventional picks making it to the top of the ranked ladder. Brigitte master ‘Violet’ held the top four support ladder slots in Season 18, sticking to the out-of-favor redhead after GOATS was killed off in the role lock update.

The DPS ladder is also full of unique picks. Doomfist, Hanzo, Reaper, Widowmaker, Bastion, Genji and more feature for the top five players. While Doomfist and Reaper featured at the World Cup, picks like Widowmaker and Hanzo still do well in ranked because of their carry potential.

Blizzard EntertainmentWhile Doomfist was prominent in Season 18, other DPS heroes still got their chance to shine.

Heading into Season 19 with a bunch of balance and map pool changes, the competitive meta might be shifting up a little. Harbleu himself has made a statement to possibly get a trial — or even a spot — for Overwatch League 2020 by demonstrating how deep his hero pool really is.

However, don’t feel like you have to be forcing what’s OP in the pro tournaments — if you play what you are good at, you are likely to climb regardless.


Overwatch players discover secret Reaper buff in new patch

Published: 24/Feb/2021 20:50

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players with Reaper in their hero repertoire will be happy to know the Talon DPS was on the receiving end of a powerful quality-of-life change that buffs the shotgun-wielding damage dealer.

Undocumented changes aren’t exactly anything new in Overwatch, but it’s always a bit surprising when a hero receives a buff that wasn’t listed in the official patch notes.

The latest Overwatch update on February 18 brought in some changes for Reaper that saw his range increase at the cost of some damage reduction. Although the changes were a net buff, there was something else lurking in the update that further increases his strength.

As noticed by player ‘TheeNinjaBanana’ on Reddit, Reaper can now cancel his reload to use Shadow Step – something that he previously was unable to do.

Reaper poses with a box of fireworks
Blizzard Entertainment
Reaper mains are celebrating the new buff.

Most heroes in Overwatch are already able to cancel their reload animations through the use of abilities, but, for whatever reason, Reaper was unable to until now.

Shadow Step isn’t exactly the most powerful ability in Overwatch, but it does have some uses, especially when it comes to quickly traversing maps and gaining access to the high ground.

Perfectly-timed Shadow Steps can also be used to attain a brief moment of invincibility, which can save Reaper from ultimates such as D.Va’s Self-Destruct or Junkrat’s Riptire in the event his Wraith Form is on cooldown.

Reaper on Hanamura
Blizzard Entertainment
Reaper can be a bigger threat when he’s off the map.

It’s also extremely useful as a way to get back on the map if he ever gets booped off. Previously, if Reaper was reloading and got knocked off, it would be lights out, but now, he can teleport back freely.

Overall, players seem pleased with the buff. “I did this by accident the other day yesterday, pretty happy with this change,” one user commented.

“It’s a great change because that was literally the only ability in the whole game that couldn’t cancel reload,” another remarked.

For anyone who mains Overwatch’s edgelord, be sure to remember this buff as it could end up paying dividends if you find yourself in a tough situation off the map.