Overwatch players slam “border shaming” in toxic lobbies


Overwatch players are over the “border shaming” trolls in the game who make lobbies a lot more toxic than they need to be – which could come to an end with Overwatch 2.

The OW community is filled with fun and friendly people who log in to play a few maps and have a great time. But every once in a while, you run into the types of players who can really derail the experience for everyone with cringe complaints.

There are apparently people in Overwatch who pre-determine people they want to flame or scapegoat based on the level of the borders surrounding their portraits.

Players were sounding off in a Reddit thread that decried the hazing, with players supporting each other by pointing out the ridiculousness of the insults by just how silly they sound.

Overwatch portraits can strangely be a source of hazing from some trolls.

To upgrade a portrait border in Overwatch, people simply need to play the game to level up. They range from a simple outline to styles that have a bit more flair.

The caveat with them is they aren’t representative of skill, but are simply a measure of how long that person has played Overwatch on that particular account.

It’s why Overwatch players can’t fathom how it would be a metric for roasting someone in the first place, and why some shared their stories to further lambast the trolls.

Overwatch players can level up their portraits.

“I get flamed for this all of the time,” one user said of the matter in a Reddit thread. “I spent a year and a half recovering from back surgeons which meant an absurd amount of bed rest. I played A LOT because I had the time.

“I’m a gold player- I’m fine with that. I actually feel sorry for people who give a s**t about what border other people have- just shows they have little else to invest in.”

It’s said that Overwatch 2 will finally do away with portrait borders, so at least people may not have to deal with these trolls for long.