Overwatch Player Proves Console Widowmakers Can Destroy People Too

Overwatch player Tropix showed that he doesn’t need a keyboard and mouse wipe out the enemy team with Widowmaker.

In a game like Overwatch, which is very mechanically demanding, there’s no question that the flexibility and precision of a keyboard and mouse opens up a peak of play that controllers simply cannot match.

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Those differences are maximized where precision in particular is key – where a mouse will allow pixel-perfect aim at immense speeds to those skilled enough to wield it to that degree, a thumb-stick for aim is much more difficult to control to the same degree, and at the highest level can’t physically match what a great PC player will be capable of.

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That factor often results in console gamers being looked down upon by PC elitists, especially in relation to games designed primarily for PC play. While those factors do exist, however, the choice of platform will in most cases be secondary to individual skill when it comes to a player’s capabilities, and Tropix helped demonstrate that with a Widowmaker highlight worthy of any PC player.

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Widowmaker is arguably the most extreme example in Overwatch of a hero to whom precision is everything, not only wielding a sniper rifle but relying on headshots for maximum output, often on small and fast-moving targets.

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While playing on Rialto, a well-positioned Tropix was able to eliminate five members of the enemy team single-handedly to allow his team to advance. Though it may lack the flair of the likes of Kim ‘Pine’ Do-hyeon, hitting the requisite headshots for such a play is no joke no matter what you’re aiming with.