Overwatch: Detailed concept explores Echo’s kit and abilities

. 3 years ago
Blizzard Entertainment

Echo has been confirmed as a future Overwatch hero and a new video from YouTuber Master Ian Gamer explores what her kit and abilities could consist of.

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Overwatch unveiled Echo in the Reunion animated short at BlizzCon 2018 and developers confirmed she would be coming as a hero, eventually.

The robot hasn’t arrived to the Overwatch roster just yet, but that hasn’t stopped players from speculating on what her abilities and kit could consist of.

Blizzard Entertainment
Echo has been confirmed, but we don’t have any idea when she’ll arrive.
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What would Echo’s role in Overwatch be?

Master Ian speculates in his video that Echo would enter the game as a highly mobile support hero and based on the look of the hero, that she could have some connection to Vishkar (the company Symmetra also works for).

Like Symmetra, Ian gives Echo a base health of 100 HP and 100 shields and speculates she could float like Zenyatta or Sigma, making her completely silent as she moves around.

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The YouTuber gave Echo a very interesting primary fire called “Photon Wave” that’s basically a mini Reinhardt Firestrike, that heals allies and damages enemies as it passes through them, but is stopped by any solid map terrain.

One of the most interesting abilities Ian came up with for Echo is her alternate fire, which allows her to send out a duplicate of herself just like Sigma sends out his barrier, and cause it to explode, dealing healing and damage to allies and enemies who are close enough.

She can also swap places with the duplicate using the “Resonate” ability in the concept, which would add a fair bit of mobility to her kit.

“Shield Link” allows Echo to give an ally 75 extra shield health, but only as long as they remain within a certain distance of her or her duplicate, if it’s out on the field.

Echo was apparently hiding out in the Route 66 payload until the Reunion short came out.
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Finally, the idea for her ultimate might just be one of the best parts about this concept. “Shield Reverberator” that buffs allies with 100 additional shields within a certain range of Echo, just like Shield Link, but can be used on multiple teammates.

The ability can also stack with Shield Link, which would make it possible for one ally to potentially have 175 bonus shields from both abilities.

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Master Ian Gamer goes into much more detail about the concept for Echo in his video, and it’s definitely worth watching through.

Again, this is just a concept of what Echo could play like, whenever she comes out, but it’s still an interesting look at what kind of support hero the current state of Overwatch could use.

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