Overwatch cosplayer swoops into the fight as Snow Owl Ana - Dexerto

Overwatch cosplayer swoops into the fight as Snow Owl Ana

Published: 23/May/2020 1:44

by Bill Cooney


It may be finally approaching summer, but that didn’t stop one Overwatch cosplayer from showing off their incredible Snow Owl Ana creation.

We’re currently in the midst of the 2020 Anniversary event, which has introduced its own batch of great skins, but cosplayer Racquel Kogarashi decided to go back in time for their Overwatch project.

Ana’s “Snow Owl” skin was first introduced during the Winter Wonderland event all the way back in 2017, and Racquel’s take on the unique outfit might be one of the best we’ve seen since it came out.

To start, the modified Biotic Rifle looks spot on, with the white fabric around the barrel that comes with Ana’s wintery skin – which can make aiming very interesting.


Feathers on the bottom and sleeves of the jacket are also incredibly accurate, and almost a direct match to how the Snow Owl skin looks in-game.

Even though this Snow Owl might be out of it’s natural habitat, it’s still a great-looking cosplay.

The mask is what sets this Ana skin apart, and Racquel’s cosplay is no different, with piercing blue eye lights inside of the facemask to give it that little extra detail.

She even included the owl claws on Ana’s boots, which is just another example of the amount of detail that needs to go into a great cosplay like this.

“It’s been a dream cosplay of mine ever since the skin came out and I finally did it!” Racquel revealed about her Snow Owl skin. “I still have to fix some things about it, but I am super proud of it.”


Unfortunately, Ana didn’t get a new skin for this year’s Anniversary event, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of material to work with.

In the time since Ana’s Snow Owl skin was released, the hero has had multiple skins including the “Bastet” and “Cabana” looks unlocked,  which should be plenty to keep Racquel busy making great Ana cosplays for the foreseeable future.