Overwatch 2 player pulls off classic CoD4 trick to takedown flying enemy

echo flying in sky with cod4 logo in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment, Activision

Overwatch 2 players and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fans would be incredibly proud of a recent play in the Hero shooter that saw an airborne enemy get obliterated out of the sky in familiar fashion.

Online multiplayer shooters will never die! From the early days of Quake to the CoD4 days, to the heights of Blizzard’s Overwatch 2. There have been a ton of legendary tricks and maneuvers pulled off in these games from rocket jumping to quickscoping.

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One of the most famous of them all became a go-to for many Call of Duty 4 players and actually became a core gameplay mechanic. Now, the attacking play has not only returned but it’s made an appearance in Overwatch 2 and players are absolutely loving it.

“This is truly one of the greatest Overwatch clips of all time”

If you were a stalwart during the early Call of Duty online days, then no doubt you’ll have encountered the act of Noobtubing. If this term is a mystery to you, a Noobtube was an underbarrel grenade launcher attachment that had enough range and velocity to be fired into the sky and cover the length of virtually any map.

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It was quite common at the beginning of games of Search & Destroy to see players immediately equip the attachment at the start of a new round and quickly fire it to the other team’s spawn area for easy kills.

Now, in Overwatch 2, the Noobtube is back, but one player went above and beyond with Bastion’s grenade-firing weapon. In a Reddit clip, the user spawned during a game of Control, and as they headed toward the meat of the action, they fired a grenade.

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What they probably didn’t bank on was getting a kill, more so, sticking an airborne Junkrat and instantly taking them out of the action.

The OP described it as “This is truly one of the Overwatch clips of all time” and commenters seemed to agree. “I hope people are watching till the end to realize how crazy this clip actually is,” said one player, and another added: “At first, I was just going to say, okay, it’s a Call of Duty lobby, but then I saw it was an aerial rat you killed and was more impressed.”

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If everything going on wasn’t enough, one Overwatch 2 user pointed out that “you can just hear the beginning of the Hanzo ult after the scream.”

It’s a truly remarkable clip from start to finish and shows some of the fun moments that you can experience during Overwatch 2. We expect even more over-the-top plays to take place during Season 4, especially with new changes on the way.

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