Overwatch 2 dev teases return of popular OW1 ranked feature

Filip Krawanski
overwatch 2 key splash art

Overwatch 2 developer Aaron Keller has confirmed via Twitter that there are currently talks to bring back information about ranks and match balance to the game’s loading screens.

One of the features Overwatch 2 players are missing from the previous iteration of the online team-based shooter is information about each team member’s rank and the average rating of the team as a whole.

Aaron Keller released a developer blog post about future changes to Overwatch 2, including how the team will tackle “frustrating” one-shot abilities and combos.

One thing the player base has argued is still unaddressed is the aforementioned information. When asked about it on Twitter, Aaron replied to confirm it’s currently under discussion and could return soon.

“Average rank/match balance as well the spread of ranks/match volatility is something that we are currently discussing for this screen,” he said. “A large portion of the time there isn’t an interesting story here, but when there is we think players would like to know it.”

Overwatch 2 fans want the old ranked loading screen back

A number of fans responded to argue the missing information is essential to the experience.

“It was nice to see progression visually with the bronze to grand master, not having any of that has made the experience feel empty,” reveals one player in reply to Aaron’s statement.

“I respect players that dont want to see their match SR, so make it an option pre-turned off so that the players who want information can have it,” suggest another user in the thread.

But there were also players who argued for improvements elsewhere before addressing the loading screens.

“I don’t think this screen is that useful. I would rather just know the people in my match actually belong in my match. I consistently see grouped players where at least one in that group are way better or worse than the lobby. Numbers mean nothing if the MM is wrong,” says the aforementioned user.

Regardless, Keller’s comments suggests it’s something the devs are working on and considering for the future.

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