New York Excelsior is Guaranteed the Number One Spot in the Overwatch League Regular Season

Joe O'Brien

New York Excelsior has guaranteed a spot in the Overwatch League playoffs semi-finals.

In the second week of Stage 4 of the regular season, New York Excelsior has already locked in the top seed going into the playoffs.

The Excelsior were already assured of a playoff spot before Stage 4 even started, and would have needed a catastrophic final stage to miss out on the first seed, but with eight matches in hand the team is now confirmed as the top team of the Overwatch League regular season.

The Excelsior were locked into the top spot after Boston Uprising lost to the Los Angeles Valiant in week two, making for a 0-4 start for the Uprising. As a result, no team can finish the season with more than 28 wins, while New York already sits at 29.

The result represents a significant quantity of guaranteed prize money for the Excelsior. First place in the regular season is worth $300,000, while the team will also advance directly to the playoff semi-finals, meaning a minimum placement of fourth and $100,000 in prize money there.

While prize distribution for the regular season is determined by the overall standings, the other semi-final slot will go to the highest-seeded team from the Pacific Division. The Los Angeles Valiant currently leads the division, with the win over the Uprising also advancing them to second in the overall standings.

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