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McCree and Symmetra collaborate for unreal Overwatch team kill

Published: 22/Nov/2019 0:09

by Brad Norton


It has been quite some time since McCree was an appropriate hero to utilize at the highest level of competition in Overwatch, however this unbelievable strategy will have teams around the world second-guessing his impact. 

Since the latest set of meta-shifting patch notes hit the Public Test Region on November 14, the Overwatch community has rallied together in order test daring new strategies with unique compositions.

Without a solid meta in place just yet, all sorts of heroes have been seeing the light of day for the first time in quite a while. With numerous combinations now viable, a roster of professional players demonstrated how McCree and Symmetra can combine for a devastating team wipe.


Thanks to the major shield nerfs in the latest patch, DPS heroes like McCree have become viable once again.

Throughout a series of professional exhibition matches that were streamed on November 21, numerous Contenders and Overwatch League players alike banded together to dip their toes in the newest iteration of the hero shooter.

In the midst of a hotly contested stage on Lijiang Tower, former Uprising Academy DPS, William ‘Asking’ Vetter, put on a stellar performance and served as the catalyst for one of the most remarkable plays in recent Overwatch history.

“All rise and salute for Asking, the first competitive 6k with a High-Noon ever seen,” European commentator Harry “LEGDAY” Pollitt said to preface the inevitable play of the game.


Initiating his ultimate ability from afar, a teleporter is then rapidly placed in front of the gunslinger, allowing him to reach the high ground behind his opponents.

Swiftly locking on to each and every enemy on the map, six shots are fired and six eliminations are tallied up with ease.

A well placed Photon Barrier from Symmetra ensured that the teleporter could not be destroyed before the McCree got in position, leading to one of the most remarkable flanks in Overwatch history. 

Certainly not the only time that the French DPS phenom has popped off to such an extent in professional competition, recent matchups have allowed him to showcase a wide hitscan hero pool.


In a November 18 show match, Asking absolutely obliterated a stacked enemy team featuring the likes of Dallas Fuel’s Timo “Taimou” Kettunen. Hitting four disgusting headshots in a row, it became a challenge for the enemy team to even make it out of their spawn without being domed by his Widowmaker.

Taimou even went on to express that Asking is entirely deserving of an Overwatch League contract. “You are better than any Widow I’ve ever played against. It’s unreal,” the veteran stated after their match.

Reddit: Competitive OverwatchHigh praise from the former APEX MVP in Taimou.

Currently a free agent, there’s no telling where the DPS player might end up in 2020, however it’s safe to assume that he will continue pushing the boundaries of what is capable in future metas. If the ingenious teleporter combination is anything to go by, expect to see more exciting plays down the line.


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