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LA Gladiators Fissure Drops Two Earthshatters In Six Seconds in Epic Online Play

Published: 8/May/2018 8:13 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:49

by Joe O'Brien


LA Gladiators’ main tank Baek ‘Fissure’ Chan-hyung dropped two Earthshatters within a mere six seconds during an online ranked match.

Though Fissure is best known for his Winston play (and, rather fittingly, in particular for his incredible ultimate usage), he’s also an incredibly skilled Reinhardt, and he put those skills to good use in a recent match in the online competitive playlist.

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Ultimates in Overwatch are designed to be incredibly powerful, in many cases the kinds of abilities that can decide the outcome almost single-handedly when used to maximum effect. Reinhardt’s Earthshatter is one such ability.


As a result, in theory they’re supposed to take a significant amount of time to build up. In most cases, players are doing well to get even the quicker ultimates up for every other fight – Fissure, however, managed to drop two in the space of mere seconds.

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Playing as Reinhardt on Lijiang Tower, Fissure opened up an engagement by dropping the Earthshatter. Having brought down several enemy players, Fissure then went to work with the hammer, before a friendly Graviton Surge helpfully brought multiple players together, maximizing Fissure’s efficiency. By the time the Graviton expired, Fissure had yet another Earthshatter to unleash.


Former pro player turned Overwatch League analyst Jonathan ‘Reinforce’ Larsson found himself on the receiving end of Fissure’s double-Earthshatter, causing a rather amusing reaction as he fell victim to several crowd-controlling ultimate abilities in quick succession.

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Fissure himself was also streaming the game, capturing the epic play from his perspective.