Insane Overwatch trick makes Symmetra’s Teleporter a CATAPULT for Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball catapult trickBlizzard Entertainment

The most ridiculously over-the-top Overwatch combo in the history of the game may have been discovered. Say hello to the Symmetra and Wrecking Ball’s Teleporter Catapult.

Wrecking Ball has proven to be a menace to many Overwatch players with his ability to draw out matches by grappling and spinning around points in ball form, which completely hides his critical head hitbox.

Now, a crazy discovery has shown how Ball can use his grapple combined with a well-placed Symmetra Teleporter to not just get back on point instantly, but can obliterate unsuspecting opponents.

Overwatch streamer and YouTuber McMagicMarv has uploaded a new video going over some crazy new Teleporter techs he discovered and the Catapult is by far the most outrageous of the bunch.

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Wrecking Ball activates MinefieldBlizzard Entertainment
Wrecking Ball can be a major pain for players to counter.

Overwatch catapult trick explained

The combo lets Wrecking Ball fly through the air from spawn and crash down onto points or other areas off in the distance.

To do it, players must first be standing on the Teleporter and then grapple to their desired location in order to launch themselves, release grapple and teleport themselves at the same time.

It will take some getting used to, as getting the grapple placement just right can be challenging. If it’s too high or too low you won’t be able to make it work. That said, it can be worth it.

As shown in one of the clips from Nepal at 0.25 speed no less, the Ball is able to go over the roofs of buildings and land into a possible enemy back line in under a second.

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This, combined with Wrecking Ball’s insane stalling potential, could provide a serious challenge for enemy teams. That, and just being able to catapult and Piledrive foes from so far away is nothing to scoff at.

While admitting the tech is inconsistent, if players or teams can learn to master it, the devs will undoubtedly have no choice but to look into patching this hidden combo.