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Gravity-defying Overwatch trick turns Reaper into an aerial threat

Published: 12/May/2020 8:58

by Andrew Amos


Jump pads feature on a handful of Overwatch maps. While they help heroes reach highground, for Reaper players, they can reach even higher heights with this gravity-defying trick.

Reaper’s high mobility is already a nuisance for Overwatch players. Given he can teleport seemingly halfway across the map, and turn himself invulnerable for a fair chunk of time, being able to lock him down is hard.

It’s not like he needed any more of it, but somehow, he got it. Overwatch players have discovered a gravity-defying trick that turns Reaper into an aerial assassin, and the only thing you need is a bounce pad.


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On Oasis: City Center, you can use the bounce pad on the outskirts of the map to get a good angle to teleport on the middle building.

However, that’s not all. If you time the Shadow Step perfectly, you’ll get the momentum from hitting the bounce pad, and launch into the sky.

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This little tip might appear to be just innocent fun, but there’s some real benefit to it. If an enemy Pharah or Echo is trying to contest the point in mid-air, you as Reaper can jump up and send them right back down to Earth.


It’s similar to other aerial tricks using the bounce pad other heroes can utilize. Reinhardt can charge onto the pad and launch himself skyward like a missile.

However, only Reaper’s trick allows players to keep the momentum going after getting off the pad.

The trick isn’t limited to Oasis either. Any map that has a bounce pad will allow players to pull off this Reaper trick. If you’re a free-for-all Deathmatch fiend, you might find this tip useful on Chateau Guillard.

How to style with Reaper in Chateau Guillard (bug I found) from r/Overwatch

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If Overwatch’s developers add more jump pads in future maps, you’ll need to keep an eye on Reaper’s doing little tricks with those too.


Whether it’s a bug or intended is unclear or not, but it’s definitely something worth learning if you’re a fan of the Talon agent.