Blizzard Will Mark the Overwatch League Finals with a Free Overwatch Weekend

Overwatch will be getting a free weekend to celebrate the Overwatch League grand finals.

The game will be free on PC from July 26-30, with all modes except competitive play available to new players trying out the game.

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Those that subsequently purchase the full game will keep all of their progress, including any skins and other cosmetics unlocked.

There’s nothing like watching great players to inspire fans to play the game, and with Blizzard introducing the Overwatch League to new audiences with their recent television broadcast rights deal, any new viewers enthralled by the grand finals on July 27-28 – which is set to be the greatest spectacle of professional Overwatch to date – will be able to immediately try out the game for free.

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The free weekend also comes on the heels of the next new hero release, Wrecking Ball, who is set to reach the live servers on July 24. Players trying the game out on the free weekend will get to experience the game’s most ridiculous hero to date – a battle-mech piloted by Hammond the hamster, whose kit focuses largely on rolling or swinging around to smash into enemies.

The free period kicks off at 11:00am PDT on Thursday July 26 and runs until 11:59pm PDT on Monday July 30. The free weekend is only available on PC, and only to players in the Americas, Europe, and Asia gameplay regions.

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