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Bizarre Overwatch bug saves player from certain death

Published: 22/Nov/2019 13:06

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player was saved from certain death by a bizarre bug that caused them to be launched back onto the map.

While playing a game on Nepal, a Roadhog thought he had managed to pull the enemy Orisa off of the map, until they were miraculously saved by an apparent glitch.

The Roadhog – played by reddit user abady66, who captured the moment – and the Orisa were dueling across the pit surrounding the Nepal Sanctum control point when the Orisa, standing on the point, was able to hit a Halt! that pulled Roadhog off the edge.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The bug seemed to result from an unusual interaction with Roadhog’s hook.

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With a well-aimed hook, however, Roadhog seemingly managed to bring the Orisa with him. As they fell, however, something very unusual happened – Roadhog died, but Orisa was thrown upwards, almost hitting the ceiling before coming down to land back on the control point.


Excuse me Orisa WTF? from r/Overwatch

One commenter came up with an explanation for the unusual interaction, with Just-a-tush stating that it could be a result of a very specific timing in conjunction with how Roadhog’s hook works. Due to the Roadhog dying at the moment the game tried to reposition the hooked Orisa, instead of being held in-place she was launched upwards.

Comment from discussion Excuse me Orisa WTF?.

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If this explanation is correct, it would seem that this bug is unlikely to occur frequently – the exact combination of movements at a very specific time appears to be required in order to result in this issue.

This isn’t the first time that Orisa has been involved in bugs that produce unintended movement, although it might be the most spectacular. Other issues have previously occurred with her Fortify, allowing her to be knocked back despite using the ability which should protect her.


Fortunately, it seems most players shouldn’t have to worry about this particular glitch too much, as it seems extremely unlikely to be reproduced with any regularity.