Hidden “spine-stealing” Omni-Man Mortal Kombat brutality shocks players

Omni-Man BrutalityNetherRealm Studios

One Mortal Kombat 1 player discovered a hidden Omni-Man brutality where he takes his opponent’s spine from their own body.

Omni-Man, a character from the Amazon Original show Invincible, entered Mortal Kombat 1 as part of the Kombat pack DLC alongside characters like the earth-ninja Tremor.

His gameplay wowed fans as his fatalities and moves were inspired by iconic moments in the animated show.

Mortal Kombat fans also discovered another element of Omni-Man’s gameplay that wowed them in the form of a secret brutality where the character rips out his opponent’s skeleton.

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Omni-Man brutality surprises Mortal Kombat fans

One player posted the hidden brutality to see if anyone had discovered it: “Has anyone else found this yet?? Secret ender for Omni man brutal if you hold stance switch.”

In the video, the player shows a similar setup for the “You Got Boned!” brutality, which requires three down inputs during the throw animation. But this time the player held down the stance switch input as well, prompting Omni-Man to perform a hidden brutality.

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Mortal Kombat fans, while grossed out by the sheer violence of the brutality, were pleasantly surprised with the new gory addition to his gameplay:

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“IK that brutality was originally weak compared to the show, glad there’s this,” one player commented on the tweet. “One of the best brutalities,” another added.

But after their momentary shock and awe passed, players realized that this meant there was the possibility of more hidden brutalities for other characters in the game.

“Well time to go hold stance button on all of kitanas brutals just to make sure,” one fan replied to the tweet. “Oh my god no way. I wanna test everything now,” another agreed.

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But, while fans were pleasantly shocked with this Mortal Kombat 1 Omni-Man surprise, they were upset after discovering that the Omni-Man announcer pack had to be purchased separately from the Kombat Pack, calling the decision by NetherRealm “absurd.”

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