Monster Hunter Now players call for Monster Hunter World feature to fix weapon nerf woes

James Busby
LS user in Monster Hunter WorldNiantic

Monster Hunter Now players want Niantic to add a highly-requested feature to help avoid future weapon nerf woes.

The Monster Hunter Now weapon nerfs have hit Light Bowgun extremely hard, with players even going as far as to quit the game. While LBG mains are still hopeful that Niantic could buff the weapon in the future, the community believes one feature could help alleviate future problems associated with weapon nerfs. 

After all, not all Monster Hunter Now weapons are made equal, and some vastly outperform others – like the Bow. This can make investing time and effort into the one weapon type particularly troublesome, especially if Niantic nerfs it in a future update. 

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Monster Hunter Now players call for material return feature 

“After they nerfed LBG it became almost impossible for me to progress without making a totally new weapon type,” explained one player. “Progressing it all the way to max [took] weeks of work and I was just like, nah f*ck that, and stopped playing.”

Currently, the Light Bowgun is one of the worst weapons due to the December nerfs, which targeted damage range and non-weak point damage. Even with precise aiming, Hunters often struggle to take down high-star monsters in the allotted time window. 

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This is especially true in Hunt-a-Thons, where the added health multiplier can make taking down monsters solo impossible. In fact, many players have requested Niantic buff Light Bowgun after the weapon has completely fallen out of the current meta.

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LBG vs Rathalos in MHNNiantic
The Light Bowgun was hit the hardest in the Monster Hunter Now weapon nerfs.

While it can be frustrating when your weapon no longer deals as much damage as it used to, it’s the sheer time investment needed to craft the gear that is the real problem. 

“Inevitably people will drop out of the game if the main weapon they use is suddenly nerfed, not because the difficulty changes but the cost of investment being wasted in a sense,” responded one player. “Getting a weapon to the highest cost is a lot of time and parts investment within a luck-based system of drops.”

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Others noted that a material return mechanic would eventually make its way to the game, but would most likely be locked behind a paywall – similar to the game’s extra inventory slots. “Surely they will implement materials return mechanism soon, but… Pay $19.99 now to return all of your materials for one single weapon,” joked one Hunter. 

Whether Niantic will implement this highly-requested feature remains to be seen, but for now, players will either need to build other weapons or wait for weapons buffs.

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