TimTheTatman spends $500 just to get shutout in Madden 24

Ryan Lemay
TimTheTatman playing Madden 24TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman found out the hard way that Madden 24 may not be pay-to-win in the way he originally thought.

Madden 24 and other sports titles have been accused of being pay-to-win for Ultimate Team game modes. Players build their dream teams by collecting player cards. However, some community members argue it’s unfair that the best cards can be obtained by purchasing packs.

It’s become such a controversial issue that lawsuits have taken companies to court over pack system practices. In March, An Austrian court ruled that Sony must refund FIFA players because Ultimate Team packs violate the nation’s gambling laws.

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As an outsider to sports games, TimTheTatman decided to put “pay-to-win” arguments to the test in Madden 24.

Justin Jefferson in Madden 24Electronic Arts
Madden 24 is not for the faint of heart if you don’t know football well.

TimTheTatman discovers Madden 24 may not be “pay-to-win”

TimTheTatman is an avid Dallas Cowboys and football fan, but knowledge of the game doesn’t necessarily translate to instant success in a Madden game. Tim posed the question: “Is Madden really pay-to-win?”

The YouTuber spent $500 on Ultimate Team packs to find his answer. With top-level cards at his disposal, such as Cooper Cupp, Christian McCaffrey, Ceedee Lamb, and Josh Allen, TimTheTatmen went into a game to test the hypothesis.

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An interception on the first drive sent Tim into a tirade. “I have all of these good players and spent all this money, but I suck.”

Things only went from bad to worse as Tim threw a pick-six on the next drive, making him rethink the purchase.

“I thought that you guys said Madden is pay-to-win. What happened?”

Two interceptions later, and down 17-0, Tim wove the white flag and rage quit. Through a painful experiment, the YouTuber found the answer he set out to find.

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“I think no matter how much money I throw at this game, I don’t think it’s very pay to win for me.”

If you want to fare better, make sure to check out our helpful Madden 24 guides.

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