Can Suning KO Top Esports? LoL Worlds 2020 Review ft. Amazing & Munchables

Lauren Bergin

The quarterfinals of the Worlds 2020 group stage certainly saw a lot of action and even more upsets.

While this Worlds has been one of the most competitive in LoL history, no one quite expected the result of the Fnatic vs. Top Esports matchup. With Munchables expressing shock at Fnatic’s level of play, as well as Amazing admitting that after the first few games he believed that Fnatic could 3 – 0 China’s champions.

The Fantic defeat, however, means that Top Esports will move on to take on fellow LPL representatives Suning in the semi-finals, a team with whom they are very familiar. Both Munchables and Amazing deem Suning to be the underdogs, but acknowledge that their adaptability can’t be ignored.

Moving on to discuss the upcoming G2 vs. Damwon series, Amazing praises the confidence of Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen and Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković that they can and will beat the Korean juggernauts. With G2 forever improving and Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther striking fear into the hearts of Damwon fans, this matchup is one for the history books. Let’s see how G2 draft.

With the odds stacked against G2 and Suning, we’ll just have to see what insanity unfolds this weekend.